Open 24x7x365 Days | Anytime, Anywhere
Open 24x7x365 Days  | Anytime, Anywhere

Dear All,

It is with great pleasure that I am writing to you as the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of First Response Healthcare, proudly accredited by the Joint Commission International with the gold seal of excellence in its services and processes.

First Response Healthcare LLC was established in 2018 with an objective of making healthcare more accessible and less of a hassle for patients. With sustained qualitative and quantitative growth behind it, team FRH has shown exemplary efficiency to reach its year-on- year goal of expanding its services to the residents and tourists of Dubai. Having served thousands of patients from across the word with satisfaction, First Response Healthcare has today earned the most valuable asset for any company — the trust of its customers.

As we look ahead to our next milestones, we are determined to continue aligning with our goal of healthcare-at-home which will serve patients in the comfort of their surroundings at a more accessible price. In addition to launching customized healthcare products, our clinical teams have been working passionately to innovate and reimagine the current healthcare solutions in a way that benefits the patients by saving their money, energy and precious time.

Yours Truly,

Pavan Sharma
Managing Director & CEO
First Response Healthcare LLC