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All You Need to Know About Home Physiotherapy in Healthcare Sector

As health issues rise globally, it is everyone’s concern if one should go to the hospital for their health needs. Fortunately, to get medical assistance or health care, one does not always require trips to the hospital. Today, doctors, nurses and even physiotherapists can visit the homes of the patients and provide high-quality care as and when needed.

It is imperative to choose the best health care for you and your loved ones. Always know about home physiotherapy in healthcare sector, But there are certain advantages and disadvantages of home healthcare which we have discussed below.


Advantages of Home Physiotherapy in Healthcare


1. Family members can be involved in care

When healthcare providers visit and treat the patient in their home or provide home doctor care, the trusted family members can be present as well. The family will be aware of the treatment process and can easily watch over and monitor the care being received by the patient. Moreover, the near and dear ones are kept in the loop if further treatment is necessary.

2. Convenience

One of the main reasons for opting home physical therapy is the decreased level of stress by avoiding travel and transportation. The elderly often find it difficult to travel to and from the hospital. Those who are home-bound seniors, it is close to impossible for them to get necessary medical attention by visiting a hospital. Getting to know about home physiotherapy in healthcare sector is therefore convenient and helpful to receive the care they need.

3. Increased comfort and privacy

For people with mobility and severe pain issues, staying at home for physiotherapy sessions is a big help. After getting the treatment, most of the time, the patient likes to rest and sleep.  With home physiotherapy service, you can eliminate the trouble of getting up, driving and reaching the hospital. Also, considering the possibility of being stuck in the traffic, it only gets worse.

Additionally, privacy is another aspect patients often desire in rehabilitation settings. You might encounter people who will ask you a lot of questions. Also, you end up doing exercise with people around you and many find it uncomfortable. Instead, at home, you can take treatment at ease and without the stress of other people watching you.

4. Preparation for out-patient rehabilitation setting

Most of the orthopedic postoperative cases in their early stages can be treated at home. Often the initial goal is to decrease pain and swelling and increase range of motion which can all be done at home. Your physiotherapist will also let you know once you’re ready for the out-patient visit to participate in more advanced therapy and utilize exercise machines.

5. Appropriate formulation of goals relevant to the home environment

Your physiotherapist will conduct a thorough evaluation on your initial visit which includes home and environmental assessment. With these, more appropriate goals will be devised and home instruction exercises will be taught properly.


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Disadvantages of Home Physiotherapy in Healthcare


1. Insurance

Since home physiotherapy is more expensive than out-patient care, some of the insurance companies do not approve for home visits. It is important to work with your doctor and physiotherapist to provide documents for why a home visit is necessary for your condition. In Dubai, almost all of the insurance companies require pre-approval for home physiotherapy before proceeding with the treatment.

2. Limited Equipment

A lot of larger machines and tools used for therapy are not available in the home care setting such as spinal decompression machines, diathermies and others. If you require intensive therapy with special equipment such as hydrotherapy and traction, out-patient care may be a better option.

3. Patient Needs Vary

Even though people have the opportunity to receive care within their homes, sometimes it is not possible. The needs of an individual differ from patient to patient – so what worked for one may not work for another. For most neurological cases, it might be better to start with the out-patient setting as it allows you to be easily monitored by your attending doctor.

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