Hello and Welcome to First Response Healthcare!
Hello and Welcome to First Response Healthcare!

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Key Benefits of Home Physiotherapy Services in Dubai by First Response

First Response Home Physiotherapy Dubai On Call Service provides physiotherapy that is convenient and delivered by experienced physiotherapists. Click here  to book your appointment now.

Our Physiotherapist


Your physiotherapy at home treatment plan will be as unique and individual as you are, and your active participation will be essential for success. Our physiotherapist will develop your treatment plan in close consultation with you and adjust it during the course of therapy in keeping with your goals and personal circumstances. Depending on your needs, our physiotherapist may draw upon a number of practice skills, such as:

  • Corrective techniques to improve heart and lung function and cardiac monitoring
  • Posture and gait retraining and individualized conditioning regimes
  • Manual therapy interventions to reduce pain and stiffness
  • Techniques to correct muscle imbalances and postural alignment
  • Techniques to improve movement coordination and balance
  • Techniques and modalities that reduce pain
  • Therapeutic exercise to build strength, flexibility and mobility
  • Electrical modalities


Home physiotherapy increases independence, teaches self-management and promotes empowerment.

Our Home Physiotherapy services with regular visits from health care professionals, consistent monitoring and follow-up ensure continuity of care in the community.

Patient satisfaction is high for home-based physiotherapy program Physiotherapy at Home enables patients to live in the community longer and more safely

Home physiotherapy programs for patients with balance and mobility problems, improve functional abilities and quality of life

Implementation of a home-based muscle strengthening and balance retraining program decreases the rate and risk of falls in seniors living in the community

Home Physiotherapy interventions focused on functional improvements reduce mortality rates

Home physiotherapy services reduce health care costs by keeping people independent in their homes, preventing falls and providing a safe environment within the home.

Home physiotherapy improves physical and social function and Quality of Life.


Our Home physiotherapy Dubai program provides assessment and treatments to Dubai Residents in their homes for many conditions, including, stroke, heart failure, Parkinson’s disease, and recovery from hip-replacement surgery. Home-based physiotherapy improves overall physical well being, enhances social functioning, ensures routine monitoring of isolated clients, and reduces the rate of re-hospitalization and future health care service utilization.

Our Home physiotherapy program help ensures continuity of care and facilitate the transition from hospital to home. Our home physiotherapy Dubai program is tailored according to patient’s specific needs and includes the following:

Strength Training

Balance Training

Therapeutic Massage and Exercises

SMuscle Imbalance Correction

Posture Correction

Neuro-developmental Therapy

We have built an energetic team of licensed physical therapists that provide comprehensive physiotherapy assessments and treatments in the comfort and convenience of your Home, Hotel or Office

If you or a loved one are in pain, have difficulties getting out of the house, work long hours, have young children or have no form of transport, these problems are overcome by one of our mobile physiotherapists coming to a place that suits you.

Physiotherapist Near Me

With Physiotherapist at home services, there is no more need to search for a “physiotherapist near me” as we are just a phone call away and always ready with our physiotherapy team to take care of your physiotherapy and rehabilitation needs. We have made the physiotherapy services available on demand at the comfort of your home.

Our Physiotherapy Services at Home

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. First Response Healthcare provides specialized and customized physiotherapy at home for the elderly as per the respective needs of the individual.

Yes. Personalized physiotherapy treatment is one of the highlights of our services. The expert physiotherapists pay extra attention and care for the individual needs of the patient after analysis of their health condition, recovery rate and age. This makes us your go-to choice for best physiotherapists in Dubai.

Yes. All our physiotherapists are licensed by the Dubai Health Authority – DHA. With many years of experience, physiotherapy at home with our team is a helpful medical experience for the patients.

Our home physiotherapy services are reasonable. For more details about charges, you can contact us at any time. We are at your service always.

The team of First Response Healthcare has best Physiotherapists. All you need to do is to book an appointment to avail of this service.

Flexible timing is one of the features of our home physiotherapy services. We are capable to adapt to your schedule so that we can provide the best healthcare assistance to you.

You can visit our website www.firstresponse.ae or call us on 050 50 50 387 24*7 – 365 days to book an appointment and we will respond to you as soon as possible. Find comprehensive details on the website.

You do not have to search for a physiotherapist near me because we provide best and fast medical assistance and care to people in Dubai. Additionally, we provide a wide range of therapies with the help of highly qualified physiotherapist team. We go above and beyond to take care of your medical needs and provide the best treatment available. Visit www.firstresponse.ae for more details.

Yes. We provide the equipment necessary for physiotherapy. Your home treatment plan includes range of quality products.


We also provide a range of quality products to complement your physiotherapy at home treatment plan which includes :

Supports and Braces, Hot & Cold therapy, Foot Care, Rehab & fitness, Back & Neck Care, Walking Aids, Ergonomic Equipment, Moving Aids, Pain Relief, Pilates, Compression Socks, Osteoporosis

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