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Hello and Welcome to First Response Healthcare!
Hello and Welcome to First Response Healthcare!
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Get an expert on call in 5 mins

Leading Doctor At Home in Dubai:
Bringing Healthcare to Your Doorstep

First Response Healthcare is the JCI Approved (Joint Commission International’s Gold Seal of Approval®) for Home Care Organization in Dubai. The Gold Seal of Approval® is a symbol of quality that reflects an organization’s commitment to providing safe and effective patient care. All of our doctors are highly trained and DHA Qualified who specialize in treating all types of ailments patients might have. Our doctors will also send a medical report to you the following day detailing the condition and treatment that you have been given. We care about your health, which is why our doctor on call Dubai service team will also arrange to provide patients with the prescribed medication and diagnostics at home, offering comprehensive doctor home visit Dubai services.

Contact Information:

Call us to make an Appointment at

0505050 387

Time for appointments:

Anytime 24/7 365 days a year we are just a call away

Time to reach you:

We arrive the fastest, within 30* minutes of your call

Areas our Home doctor service covers:

Entire Emirate of Dubai

Where all our Doctors can visit you in Dubai:

Home, Hotel or Office

Our Doctors

Internationally Trained On-Call Doctors Proud to serve Dubai Community

Our on-call doctors are dedicated to providing timely care to vulnerable patients in Dubai, especially during off-hours when medical centers may be closed. Recognizing the high demand for healthcare services in Dubai, we offer a comprehensive home doctor Dubai service staffed by internationally trained doctors. Our team works around the clock to provide 24/7 doctor on call services, treating non-life-threatening level 4 or 5 illnesses and conditions. From cold and flu symptoms to minor injuries, our home doctor Dubai service ensures prompt and professional medical care in the comfort of your own home.

At First Response home health care, we prioritize your well-being and strive to make you feel better with every visit. Our doctors are not only skilled professionals but also compassionate caregivers who genuinely care about your health and comfort. We understand the importance of respecting your home and ensure a courteous and comfortable experience during our doctor home visit Dubai services.

Choose First Response for reliable and convenient home doctor Dubai services. Say goodbye to searching for 'call doctor Dubai' and opt for our trusted 'home doctor Dubai' service today. Schedule a doctor appointment with us and experience the convenience of quality medical care delivered to your doorstep.

Other services we offer

home nursing dubai

Home Nursing and Home Care

Using our home nursing services you can get a qualified nurse to care of your healthcare needs. Our range of specialized Home Nursing includes Post-Operative Care, Palliative care, Geriatric (Elderly) Care, Maternity & New-born care and Child Care & Baby Sitting.

food intolerance test dubai - 1

Food intolerance test

Food intolerance is often limited to the digestive system, usually mediated by IgG antibodies, as there is a problem digesting the food.

health check up dubai - 2

Health check-up at home

We all know the importance of annual preventive & predictive full-body health checks ups but keep delaying them because of some of the other priorities that keep us busy.

dna test dubai - 1

DNA test

Circle Premium analyses your DNA to unlock up to 500 reports of insights that include Vital, Health, Family Planning & also your genetic response to 100+ drugs.

pcr test dubai - 2

PCR test

A PCR test detects SARS-CoV-2 virus particles in the nose & throat by sampling those areas & performing a polymerase chain reaction evaluation of the specimen.

pediatrician dubai


We, at First Response Healthcare, know and understand the multiple concerns, fears, and anxieties that parents go through in striving to provide the best for their children

Our Clients

Doctor on call Dubai - 3

You’ll be glad to know that our Doctor at Home & mobile doctor service is available on weekends & on public holidays.

In keeping with our goal to provide the best care and treatment, we have doctor at hotel service available. If you are staying at a hotel and need medical consultation or care, call us 24×7.

24x7 Expert Doctor at Home Services for Your Dubai Home Healthcare Needs

Stop suffering through the night waiting for your medical center to open or for your clinic or hospital doctor to become available. Our doctor home visit Dubai service offers relief at your doorstep. Instead of searching for 'doctor on call near me,' simply contact First Response Doctor On Call service now to have a doctor arrive promptly. Our Doctor on Call Dubai service is available 24/7, 365 days a year, ensuring accessible and timely healthcare in Dubai.

We take pride in our team of professional and highly trained doctors across Dubai who are dedicated to providing compassionate care in the comfort of patients' homes. First Response Doctor on Call Dubai service and doctor home visit Dubai service are available round the clock, offering healthcare appointments in Dubai whenever needed. Our doctors work tirelessly in shifts across Dubai to ensure the best possible care at home for their patients.

Whether you're at home or in a hotel, our home doctor Dubai service can treat you at your current location within Dubai. We strengthen Dubai healthcare services with our 24x7 availability and make appropriate referrals to hospitals when necessary. Our Doctor On Call Dubai service ensures that a healthcare professional is just a call away, ready to assist you.

First Response's doctor for home or hotel service in Dubai is fast, reliable, and professional. We pride ourselves on offering quality services to patients across Dubai. Residents and tourists alike recognize us as an essential component of Dubai Healthcare services.

We have the following objective that we follow to achieve our vision of providing the very best at home doctor dubai service for our patients.

Excel in medical home care services supported by qualified and compassionate doctors throughout Dubai

Develop, apply, and evaluate new technology for the benefit of our patients

Attract the best qualified medical staff and doctors

Ensure that our First Response Doctor on Call services and doctor at home Dubai services provide high-quality home call doctor assistance in every consultation

Provide high patient satisfaction and prompt timely visits to make Mobile Home Doctor services preferred over a visit to a medical center in Dubai

Reach out to those in need of healthcare assistance whether at home, hotel, or office, and provide excellent home doctor Dubai service at all times.

Doctor Near Me
Doctor on call Dubai - 4
With 24/7 round the clock doctor at home services, there is no more need to search for a “doctor near me” and we are just a phone call away and always ready with our medical team to take care of your healthcare needs. We have made the doctor consultation services available on demand at the comfort of your home. With our dedicated doctor at hotel service, now you can stay carefree and trust on the quick and easy healthcare assistance provides by experts.
doctor onlineOnline Doctor
With our 24/7 doctor at home services, your online doctor consultation request can now be fulfilled in just 30 minutes. Our fully equipped medical team can travel to your home to provide consultation and treatment in just 30 minutes. We operate 24/7 and serve all locations in Dubai

Objectives of our Mobile Doctor on Call Services
for the Dubai Community

A doctor visit at home or hotel by First Response in Dubai is fast , reliable and professional and we pride ourselves on offering quality services to patients across Dubai and furthermore we are now recognized by residents and tourists as an essential component of Dubai Healthcare services . We have the following objective that we follow to achieve our vision of providing the very best at home doctor service for our patients .

Excel in medical home care services supported by qualified and compassionate doctors throughout Dubai .

Develop , apply , and evaluate new technology for the benefit of our patients and be a pioneer in Dubai healthcare organizations .

Attract the best qualified medical staff and doctors .

Ensure that First Response Doctors provides high quality home call doctor service in every consultation .

Provide high patient satisfaction and prompt timely visits to make Mobile Home Doctor services preferred over a visit to a medical center in Dubai .

Reach out to those in need of healthcare assistance whether at home , hotel or office and provide excellent service at all times .

Premium Service
Our clients and patients get premium experience with treatment and follow-ups done with personalized attention .
Our team manages the laboratory tests sample collection. Results of diagnostics are made available on urgent basis to facilitate clinical decisions and treatment.
Referrals to Specialist
Our home doctor Dubai will assess if there is a requirement to do a specialist referral or referral to a inpatient facility. We will also arrange the necessary transportation.
All Age Groups
We handle patients of all age groups and case scenarios include both acute and chronic diseases.
Pediatric/Child Care
Our home visit doctor in Dubai provides for your child consultation, diagnosis and treatment in coordination with Referral to a Specialist as required.
Pharmacy Delivery
We will dispense immediate medication using our access to our 24-hour pharmacy partner services.
Physiotherapy Referral
If required, the mobile home doctor consequently may refer you to our Physiotherapist to help with sports injuries, women’s health and general physiotherapy.
Chronic Diseases
We handle evaluation and treatment of all chronic diseases including pain management.
365 Days 24×7 Service
Our mobile doctor at home in Dubai and UAE service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our urgent care service aims to have an experienced mobile doctor within 30* minutes.

Value of Saving our contact information to book our Doctor on call Dubai Service

Our doctor home visit Dubai service offers valuable personalized attention in many cases. You never know when you'll need medical treatment or assistance, so it's essential to have the option of a Doctor on Call Dubai service or doctor home visit Dubai service available at all times, avoiding the need for a visit to a medical center. With our home care and doctor home visit Dubai services, rest assured that you can receive medical assistance and doctor appointments anytime, including weekends and public holidays.

Save the Number 0505050387 and our Website

To arrange a First Response Doctor on Call Dubai service, call us at 0 50 5050 387 or Click Here to book doctor appointments online. We offer dedicated round-the-clock 24/7 services every day of the year. Our team from the doctor for home visit service or doctor at home Dubai service will travel to you on demand, providing urgent, highly personalized private consultations and immediate quality medical care treatment. You can rely on us for the healthcare needs of you and your loved ones while staying at a hotel in Dubai

Frequently Asked Questions

When a doctor is on call, it means they are available to provide medical assistance remotely or in person outside of regular clinic hours, offering support and care for various healthcare needs.

The doctor on call process involves patients contacting a designated number or service to request medical assistance, after which a qualified healthcare professional responds and provides necessary guidance or arranges for a consultation or visit.

You can contact us via call or WhatsApp at 0505050 387, book online through our website, or reach out to us on Facebook to schedule an appointment. Our Doctor on Call Dubai service is designed for your convenience and immediate care.

Doctor consultation costs in Dubai vary depending on factors such as the medical facility, the type of consultation, and the services provided. On average, a standard consultation may range from AED 200 to AED 500.

Absolutely! Our Doctor for Home service covers the entire Emirate of Dubai, ensuring comprehensive doctor home visit Dubai services.

Yes, tourists can conveniently access medical care in Dubai, including through our Doctor at Hotel service. With numerous medical facilities across the city, tourists can receive quality healthcare right in their hotel rooms. Our service ensures comfort and convenience, allowing tourists to focus on their recovery while enjoying their stay in Dubai.

Yes, we offer a dedicated Doctor at Hotel service. Our doctors are available to assist you wherever you are staying in Dubai.

Yes, our Doctor at Home, doctor on call service, and mobile home Doctors are available on weekends and public holidays.

Absolutely! Our house call doctor service caters to all age groups, including children, offering consultation, diagnosis, and treatment. If necessary, we also facilitate referrals to hospitals.

Yes, our Doctor on Call service operates 24x7. For emergencies, please dial Dubai's emergency helpline number 999. Feel free to utilize our doctor on call service anytime for further assistance.

Our Doctor at Home/Hotel services aim to reach you within 30 minutes, depending on your location. For more information, please contact us.

First Response Healthcare is a leading provider of doctor on call and doctor for home services in Dubai. Our team comprises highly qualified, trained, and certified doctors capable of treating a wide range of ailments and providing top-notch healthcare assistance. Our Doctor on Call service operates 24x7, 365 days a year, prioritizing the health and well-being of our patients.

Key highlights of our services include the availability of specialized doctors for treating children, adults, and the elderly, covering all major areas in Dubai. Whether you require medical care at home or while staying at a hotel, our staff will promptly reach you without delay.

No, for emergencies, please dial 999 and request an ambulance.

All doctors affiliated with First Response's Doctor on Call Dubai services are fully registered with the Dubai Health Authority (DHA). Our team consists of full-time mobile home doctors who are internationally trained and work in shifts to ensure round-the-clock service. Capable of treating non-life-threatening illnesses or health conditions, our doctors provide comprehensive care for level 4 or 5 conditions, ranging from cold and flu symptoms to minor lacerations and trauma.

In addition to providing world-class treatment, our doctors are dedicated to offering additional care, genuine warmth, and complete support essential for patient recovery. We adhere to the highest standards of medical ethics, ensuring respect and courtesy are integral to our service.

Choose First Response Doctor at Home Services for doctors you can rely on without hesitation.

Individuals living in Dubai who are unable to attend a traditional walk-in clinic's consultation hours due to physical disability or other retaining circumstances best utilize our home health care or doctor on call in Dubai service. This service is available for anybody who wishes to be seen by a doctor in Dubai.

The doctor on call service by First Response is recommended for the following residents of Dubai:

  • Elderly or senior citizens
  • Who prefer home comfort
  • With temporary or permanent inability for movement
  • Young families with children
  • Individuals with a temporary disability who have no access to transportation

The doctor at home service is available for anybody who wishes to be seen by a doctor in Dubai at their home or hotel.

Our doctor at home service includes a doctor and nurse team who will arrive at your home within 30* minutes of your call. Our doctor for home service is committed to offering the best medical assistance to you without any limitations of time or location.

* – Depending on your location in Dubai

Much like emergency departments, on-call doctors will ask only the necessary questions to ensure the patient is treated immediately. These include:

  • The full name and date of birth of the patient.
  • The photo ID (Emirates ID or Passport)
  • Relevant contact, email address, and phone number.
  • The symptoms the patient is experiencing.

Yes, you can see the same physician every time. But in some situations, the physician may not be available in town due to various reasons. In that case, we will arrange for you to be seen by another of our outstanding home doctors in Dubai, who will have the benefit of your complete medical record at his or her fingertips.

Dubai is one of the hubs in medicine and scientific study in the MENA region. It has some of the best healthcare providers in the UAE and the most innovative healthcare business models to rival any in the world in terms of patient experience and comfort. If you are new in Dubai, the medical healthcare system can be a bit difficult to understand initially. Here you don't need to register with a specific GP; you can make an appointment at any clinic in the city, so you can try a few to find the doctor you are most comfortable with. Now you don't have to search, ‘call doctor Dubai’ or ‘home doctor near me’ on google. We recommend that you opt for the comfortable option provided by First Response Healthcare and call the doctor for home at your hotel room or to your home in Dubai. Our expert team of mobile home doctors will provide you the best treatment anywhere and at any time, through our reliable 'call doctor Dubai' service.

Public hospitals provide free emergency treatment to everyone. When you reach the emergency department, the authorities will provide you with a provisional health card in case you don’t have one. Since the introduction of compulsory health insurance for all residents, all public hospitals accept health insurance cards, and bill insurance companies for emergency services. The private hospitals providing emergency treatment are generally very expensive if you do not have comprehensive health insurance. Else, you can contact Dubai Emergencies Helpline Number 999 for emergencies.