Hello and Welcome to First Response Healthcare!
Hello and Welcome to First Response Healthcare!

Covid PCR Sample Collection at Home

Instead of driving through the Dubai traffic and queueing for a covid test at the mall, your nearest hospital, medical centre or clinic, or drive-through, First Response Healthcare (FRH) will send a fully gowned-up nurse (with all Personal Protection Equipment, PPE) to your home, office or address of your choice to do the sample collection for the fast covid test Dubai and PCR test in Dubai. Search "PCR test near me" on our site, and our equipped nurses will come to you swiftly. To avail our PCR test at home in Dubai services, you will be asked to share your name, Emirates ID, contact email, address, Occupation, and Travel history as per DHA data requirement guidelines.

Your PCR test sample is then submitted to a DHA-approved and accredited laboratory for diagnostic evaluation, and the results of your covid test will be shared back with you by email.


In light of the ongoing covid 19 pandemic, the travel industry globally has mandated certain guidelines before taking the next flight. Most airlines require that the travelers carry documentation of negative COVID test results no later than 72 hours prior to departure. Testing requirements vary depending on the country you travel to and from. For your convenience, check for a "PCR test near me" to easily find testing facilities nearby.

First Response Healthcare (FRH) provides 24*7 Corona test sample collection in Dubai. Appointment can be taken at the comfort of your home or hotel room anytime as per convenience. Book a home visit Covid 19 PCR Test in Dubai.

Covid 19 PCR Test results shall be normally available within 18-20 hours. For urgent requirements, you can book the fastest PCR Test in Dubai with results in 10-12 hours.

We advise that you review your current destination requirements and check-in with the corresponding airlines for their requirements to avail the fast COVID test Dubai service. Most countries around the world require the PCR test for travel. It is essential for individuals leaving Dubai to have obtained the negative Covid 19 PCR Test results from sampling 48-72 hours before depending on the airline and destination requirements. To find testing facilities near you, simply search for "PCR test near me" or “COVID test near me” for added convenience.

If your PCR test Dubai result is positive or you are unable to provide evidence of your negative COVID test, you might not be allowed to travel.

Get a pre-travel RT PCR test at home Dubai. Results in 10 – 12 hours. No appointment is required for this PCR test Dubai. We have compiled some quick FAQs for your assistance.

Which COVID test do I need for traveling?

You will need to do a COVD 19 PCR Test Dubai . The timing of the test prior to your flight departure depends on your airlines and travel destination. You can contact your airlines for the right information regarding this matter.

How soon I can expect my PCR Test report?

First Response Healthcare offers PCR test results routinely in 18 to 20 hours and as an express corona test service in 10 -12 hours.

Which areas does First Response Healthcare offer its Onsite Sample collection service?

We can reach you anywhere to do a Covid test in Dubai, whichever location you are staying whether in a hotel or your home.


A PCR test detects SARS-CoV-2 virus particles in the nose and throat by sampling those areas and performing a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) evaluation of the specimen. The COVID-19 test will be positive in active infections about 3-5 days following exposure and usually, before symptoms begin or before you can transmit the virus to others. If you feel you have been exposed, set up an appointment to determine your infection status, consider searching 'PCR test near me' or get a corona test in Dubai for added convenience.


First Response Healthcare offers:

  • – Mobile On Demand Service
  • – Delivered and administered by one of our DHA Licensed
  • – Expeditable – Fastest RT PCR test at home Dubai Service with results in 10-12 hours
  • – Evidence to Travel – Generated Test Reports are accepted by all airlines
  • – Certified Labs – Our Partner Labs are accredited and DHA-approved
  • – Anytime Anywhere – Service Available 24/7 across Dubai
  • – 24/7 Support Desk – Our Call Center operates 24/7
  • – Serving individuals, families, groups
  • – Delivering to hotels, offices, villa homes, and apartments

If you are tired of searching for a COVID test near me ? or have a Same day flight? Early Morning flights? Emergency travel?

We can help you with our fast Covid test Dubai service so that you get your results on time!

Frequently Asked Questions

You need to book an appointment to get a covid test in Dubai. Our nurse can come to your house or your hotel to collect the sample.

Yes, it is always advisable to book an appointment at least 24-48 hours prior to your PCR test to get the preferable time slot.

We do have 2 kinds of service available:

Results for the PCR Test can be released in 18-20 hours from the test date and time.

Express service result can be released in 8-10 hours maximum from the test date and time.

You can call or WhatsApp us on 0505050 387 to make an appointment, book online on the website or contact us via Facebook to avail Doctor on call Dubai.