Hello and Welcome to First Response Healthcare!
Hello and Welcome to First Response Healthcare!

Here are the list of frequently asked questions about First Response Healthcare. In case of any more queries, please do reach us at 050 50 50 387 orcontact us.

First Response provides licensed and experience health care professionals at home on demand such as doctors, nurses and physiotherapists. We are committed to provide following services 365 days a year 24/7:

Our Doctor-on-Call Service is designed so you get a doctor on demand when you want, where you want. Using our Doctor-on-Call services you can get a Doctor on demand to visit you at your home, office or hotel in all parts of Dubai reaching to you in just 30* minutes. Our doctors will be travelling to you on demand to provide an urgent highly personalized private consultation and immediate quality medical care treatment.

* – Depending on your location in Dubai

  • Patients who are recovering in recent surgery or operation
  • Patients with degenerative diseases
  • Patients who were discharged in the hospital or home care who requires extended care
  • Patients who require daily assistance in order to live independently at home
  • Patients who are terminally ill

All of our nursing staff are licensed by Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and undergo careful selection and training before induction into the healthcare team.

Our Homecare Nursing team led by the Physician incharge creates or develops care plans tailored to the patient’s requirements. Cost is determined and discussed with the family member after the clinical team does the assessment.

Yes definitely, this can be arranged anytime at your convenience when you want and we are more than willing to discuss the plan of care for you or for your family member.

No, for emergencies, please dial 999 and request an ambulance.

Much like emergency departments, on-call doctors will ask only the necessary questions to ensure the patient is treated immediately. These include:

  • The full name and date of birth of the patient.
  • The photo ID (Emirates ID or Passport)
  • Relevant contact, email address, and phone number.
  • The symptoms the patient is experiencing.

Yes, you can see the same physician every time. But in some situations, the physician may not be available in town due to various reasons. In that case, we will arrange for you to be seen by another of our outstanding home doctors in Dubai, who will have the benefit of your complete medical record at his or her fingertips.

Dubai is one of the hubs in medicine and scientific study in the MENA region. It has some of the best healthcare providers in the UAE and the most innovative healthcare business models to rival any in the world in terms of patient experience and comfort. If you are new in Dubai, the medical healthcare system can be a bit difficult to understand initially. Here you don't need to register with a specific GP; you can make an appointment at any clinic in the city, so you can try a few to find the doctor you are most comfortable with. Now you don't have to search, 'call doctor Dubai' or 'home doctor near me' on google. We recommend that you opt for the comfortable option provided by First Response Healthcare and call the doctor for home at your hotel room or to your home in Dubai. Our expert team of mobile home doctors will provide you the best treatment anywhere and at any time, through our reliable 'call doctor Dubai' service.

Public hospitals provide free emergency treatment to everyone. When you reach the emergency department, the authorities will provide you with a provisional health card in case you don't have one. Since the introduction of compulsory health insurance for all residents, all public hospitals accept health insurance cards, and bill insurance companies for emergency services. The private hospitals providing emergency treatment are generally very expensive if you do not have comprehensive health insurance. Else, you can contact Dubai Emergencies Helpline Number 999 for emergencies.