Hello and Welcome to First Response Healthcare!
Hello and Welcome to First Response Healthcare!

Welcome to First Response Healthcare

First Response Healthcare is a proficient and a leading home healthcare company in Dubai, committed to providing patient centered, high-quality and comprehensive care that brings value to our patients, their families, and the community by large.

As the name indicates, we excel at providing prompt and reliable medical care to our patients to help them achieve rapid recovery from illnesses and be in the best of their health always.

A team of highly competent & certified doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and medical experts backed with years of experience help us propagate our motto of healthy living for our patients. We consider our licensed and motivated staff to be our most significant strength and asset.

Our staff has been trained to provide kind and compassionate medical attention to all people ranging from tourists to seniors or any other individual and that too in the placid environment of their home, hotel room or office. The feedback and testimonials we’ve received remind us each and every day of how important our services are to the families and individuals that we serve.

First Response Healthcare has been established to offer home healthcare services across the Middle- East Region.

The First Response management team has decades of regional and local UAE experience in Home Healthcare Services under their belt. They are committed and equipped to meet the growing need of personalised healthcare services in the region in the near future. Our management team has over 50 years of combined experience in the healthcare industry and understand their role in the well-being of individuals, families and communities.

We treat our patients like our family, and work feels like home.

So, no matter what the situation, we promise to be there for you in every medical capacity that you may need us around for.

In-Home Services

First Response Healthcare offers privileged care for various medical conditions in the convenience, comfort and privacy of your home. We made affordable Health Care, which can be accessible anywhere in Dubai.

Our Services includes:

Doctor On Call

Premium doctor on call service with quick, affordable and personalized medical attention at the comfort of your home, hotel or office. Our internationally trained multilingual doctors proud to serve Dubai community 24/7 365 days.

Physiotherapy At Home

Licensed and professional physiotherapist providing high-quality patient care in the comfort and convenience of your home, hotel or office. Our in-home physiotherapy provides a need of personalized assistance for each individuals.

Wellness At Home

Wellness at home services are designed to get confidence on your good health and plan required lifestyle changes to further optimize your health. We provide access to a wide range of specialized diagnostic products and wellness plans.

Medical Devices At Home

Medical equipment rental and advanced patient home monitoring systems at your door-step. We provide high quality medical equipment supplies, wheelchairs, standing frame, physio-rehab products for purchase at affordable prices in Dubai, UAE.

Home Care Nursing

Helping families in search of quality home care nursing care. We provide general & specialized home care nursing services as per your clinical requirement; offering wide range of specialized home care nursing services.

Food intolerance test

Food intolerance is often limited to the digestive system, usually mediated by IgG antibodies, as there is a problem digesting the food.

Health check-up at home

We all know the importance of annual preventive & predictive full-body health check ups but keep delaying them because of some of the other priorities that keep us busy.

DNA test

Circle Premium analysis your DNA to unlock up to 500 reports of insights that include Vital, Health, Family Planning & also your genetic response to 100+ drugs.

PCR test

A PCR test detects SARS-CoV-2 virus particles in the nose & throat by sampling those areas & performing a polymerase chain reaction evaluation of the specimen.

Ambulance service

Under the wing of First Response Healthcare (FRH), First Response Ambulance Services (FRAS) provides standby emergency medical services in adherence with DCAS guidelines and regulations.


When you’re feeling unwell or under the weather, visiting a doctor at a hospital or clinic might feel like a task. Moreover, even after you book an appointment, there’s a possibility that you might have to wait in line for your turn.


We, at First Response Healthcare, know and understand the multiple concerns, fears, and anxieties that parents go through in striving to provide the best for their children