Hello and Welcome to First Response Healthcare!
Hello and Welcome to First Response Healthcare!

Palliative Care at Home

Dealing and coping with an incurable or life-threatening disease is not just a challenge for the patient but also for their loved ones and family. At this point in time, nothing is more important than ensuring that the patient receives the most convenient and effective medical and non medical care. Hospice and Palliative carebasically refers to comprehensive and active care of patients with life threatening or advanced illnesses. The aim of palliative care is to improve the quality of life of patients and their families and help with prevention and relief from suffering. Through palliative care, it is possible to identify, assess and treat pain and other problems. Palliative care nurses are trained to help patients with issues of pain, nausea, sleeplessness, constipation, vomiting, among other symptoms. Palliative care services can aid with pain, stress, anxiety and depression, since nurses are also trained to aid with psychological wellbeing wherein anxiety, fear, hopelessness, denial are managed. Getting patients admitted to an institution for palliative care is an option, however offering palliative care at home gives the patient the option of being surrounded by loved ones in the comfort of their own home. Hospice care at home basically ensures quality of life and takes care of the psychological, physical, social and spiritual facets of care. The ultimate goal of palliative care is to bring comfort to the patient and ensure minimum suffering.

Palliative Care Services At Home By First Response Healthcare

Palliative Care in Dubaiby First Response Healthcare ensures that the patient is taken care of in a holistic way while making sure that their unique needs are met, and they receive personalized attention. We have a team of licensed, trained, and experienced nurses who are not just skilled at taking care of patients but also have a positive attitude to help patients who are struggling to come to terms with their diagnosis. They help the patients, and their loved ones develop an understanding of the nature of the illness through open conversations and discussions. We also have a team of doctors who are well versed in different areas of patient care and wellbeing. Our team of doctors and nurses ensure that the patients receive the best possiblehospice and palliative care without their dignity getting compromised. Our approach is compassionate and comprehensive, and we always prioritize the patient and their needs, and we ensure that the patient lives as fully and as comfortably as possible, around loved ones and in the familiarity of their own homes. 

What Do Palliative Care Services Cover?

Palliative care services are provided to patients after detailed assessments to create customized and tailor-made plans. These routines address the patient’s symptoms and issues. Hospice care at home takes care of daily care and support activities that provide relief from pain and other symptoms and that enhance the patient’s quality of life. All these measures have the potential to influence the course of the patient’s illness. 

The services covered under palliative care include:

  • Nutrition support
  • Psychological support
  • Detailed and extensive monitoring of health 
  • Medication administration
  • Pain management
  • Assistance with feeding 
  • Assistance with daily activities and tasks like bathing
  • Measures for ensuring patient’s comfort 
  • Regularly addressing the patient’s health concerns 
  • Treatment of symptoms related to the medical condition 
  • Administering injection 
  • Dressing and wound care
  • Injury and skin-care
  • Helping the patient undertake physical and mental exercises
  • Physiotherapy and massages
  • Offering dietary recommendations and helping with food preparation
  • Offering companionship and emotional support
  • Providing Continence care
  • Helping them move around the house and enhancing mobility

What Are the Advantages of Palliative Care At Home?

One of the most important benefits of receiving hospice care at home is that it allows the patient to spend their last months or weeks in a space that they feel the safest and most comfortable in. Knowing that the patient is with them at all times also acts as a relief for the family members and loved ones. Hospice care ensures round the clock assistance and this care is provided under the supervision of family members. Palliative care at home is also less disruptive and more convenient for the routine of all family members. Palliative care at home ensures that the patient’s physical as well as emotional needs are taken care of. 

The Benefits of Palliative Care include: 

  • The risk of depression reduces
  • Longer survival 
  • Support of palliative care specialists in making important decisions about treatment of illness, the kind of care to be provided and emotional coping. 
  • Most convenient because of how the palliative nurses entirely adapt to your schedule and needs
  • Consistent guidance for medical, emotional and spiritual support 
  • Round The Clock Care – When you hire services of palliative care at home, care is available 24*7, even on weekends and holidays. Patients and their family members always have access to the expert and professional assistance and advice of the nurses during times of need. Consistent care improves both the patient’s and the family members’ level of satisfaction. Constant care and supervision also ensure that any changes in the condition of the patient are immediately recognized and dealt with.  
  • Helps Avoid Unwanted Hospitalization:When you choose palliative care at home, it means that the patient can avoid frequent hospitalization and visits to the hospital. Medical treatments and procedures are generally taken care of at home and efforts are made to provide optimum care to the patient at home itself. 
  • Reduced Costs:Palliative care reduces expenses of frequent hospital visits or hospitalizations or even out-of-pocket expenses such as medications, medical equipment, medical supplies and so on. Most insurance companies cover the cost of hospice care for patients. 
  • Improved Quality of Life: As compared to being hospitalized away from loved ones and family members, the patient is much more at peace at their own home, surrounded by loved ones. Their emotional and mental wellbeing improves and so does their quality of life since they are consistently taken care of in the comfort of their own home. 
  • Relief From Symptoms & Pain:As mentioned earlier, one of the most important features of palliative care is how it helps relieve the pain and suffering caused from the illness and its symptoms. Nurses constantly try to ensure that the difficulties that the patient is facing through symptoms are all taken care of. Studies show that people who receive palliative care live much longer than those who do not. 
  • Prioritizes What You Need: For the palliative team of medical professionals and nurses, the thing that is of utmost importance is the patient’s comfort and peace of mind. All the nurses and doctors make an effort to understand what you want and need and create a treatment plan accordingly.  
  • Acts As an Extra Layer Of Support: Palliative care professionals are experts and specialists who work and join hands with the patient’s family members and other doctors to support the patient. This creates an additional group of people who support not just the patient but also the family during times of difficulty and need. The palliative care team also takes the lead in communicating with the doctor when required to ensure that your needs and expectations are communicated well. 

More About First Response Healthcare in Dubai

First Response Healthcare (FRH) is a leading home healthcare company in Dubai that provides healthcare and medical services that are of high quality, patient centric and comprehensive. Our services are prompt and reliable and we offer them right in the comfort of your homes. FRH has received a gold seal of approval from theJoint Commission International Standards for Home Healthcare for achieving international quality standards for its services. 

FRH has a team of highly competent & DHA licensed doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and medical experts who work 24*7, 365 days a year to deliver home care services right when you need them. They can visit you anywhere within the Emirate of Dubai, whether it’s your home, office, or hotel. FRH offers a range of services including services of doctors, nurses,physiotherapists, and lab technicians who provide kind and compassionate care to patients of all age groups. 

Features That Make FRH Different: 

  • Flexible Appointments:We are available 24/7 365 days a year, and you can book an appointment with us even on weekends and public holidays
  • Quick Services: We make sure we reach within 30 minutes after you make an appointment with us. 
  • Areas Our Services Cover: Our team of medical professionals can visit you at your home, office, or hotel
  • Premium Service: We make sure that our clients and patients receive a premium experience through personalized care and attention.
  • Diagnosis for All Age Groups: We treat patients of all age groups right from children to elderly. 
  • Pharmacy Delivery: We make sure to dispense medicines at the earliest using our access to our 24-hour pharmacy partner services.

To avail the services of palliative or hospice care at home in Dubai, you can contact First Response Healthcare by calling on 0505050387 or 800DIALDOC. You can also book an appointment by visiting First Response Healthcare website in Dubai.