Hello and Welcome to First Response Healthcare!
Hello and Welcome to First Response Healthcare!

What makes our Well-being plans unique?


Our staff will be onsite in your office to help, support and guide employees

Data Driven

One size does not fit all, Well-being plan created by analyzing medical insurance claims to target ailments effecting your employees


Head of Corporate Well-being lives and breathes well-being, competes in many endurance sports, practises mindfulness and has followed paleo for 7 years. Previous Insurance Broker Heading Medical and life Insurance divisions for 2 International brokers so knows the importance of reducing medical claims spend and improving employee's overall well-being.


Well-being plan encompasses all 8 elements of well-being

Results Driven

Past results have shown:

  • Reduction in medical insurance claims

Over health improvements in employees:

  • Reduction in Body Fat and weight
  • Reduction in stress levels
  • Increase in physical activities
  • Improvement in biometric screening results

We have a wide panel of expert providers.

All specialist medical consultants are experts in their chosen fields. No doctors are incentivised or targeted which ensures only ethical medicine is practised. This assists with the control of unnecessary diagnostic tests/over prescribed medication and allows them to really focus on the employee.

All fitness, nutrition and life coaches are degree qualified and experts in their industry.

Fully vetted by Nicola and the team.


Changing lifestyles

Mobile Application recording all data to be monitored and analysed

Quarterly medical claims analysis and biometric screening review

Competitions run over 3 months to encourage lifestyle changes and motivation

Reward employees who have made the most lifestyle changes over 3-month period


SME Package

  • Onsite Well-being Launch
  • Monthly online webinars
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Mobile application
  • Dedicated Support Team

Pricing depends on the number of employees

If 20 employees approximate costing AED34 per employee per month

If 10 employees approximate costing AED67 per employee per month

Medium Corporate Package

  • Onsite Well-being Launch
  • Monthly Biometric testing onsite
  • Monthly well-being plan created based on medical claims analysis
  • Monthly onsite visits with experts
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Mobile Application

Pricing depends on the number of employees

If 50 employees approximate costing AED14 per employee per month

Large Corporate Package

  • Onsite Well-being, Mobile Application and Employee Assistance Program Launch
  • Monthly Biometric testing with results reviewed by doctor, nutrition and fitness plan created for the month
  • Weekly onsite visits with Nutritionist and Personal Trainer to help with progress
  • Along with weekly visits Monthly campaigns based on certain topics devised from medical claims analysis
  • 3 Month competitions
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Mobile Application (With option to have wearable)
  • Annual Wellness Check

Prices are individual to each large corporate