Hello and Welcome to First Response Healthcare!
Hello and Welcome to First Response Healthcare!

Mother and Childcare Services at Home

Giving birth and having a child is one of the most significant and memorable experiences in the life of a mother and the family. And while there is a lot of cheer, excitement and joy in bringing a newborn home, it is also accompanied by stress, anxiety and worries of a new mother. The first six weeks of the newborn’s life are crucial and critical when it comes to the child’s health and development. Over and above this, this is also the time the mother returns home after giving birth and needspost-operative care at home, incase she has undergone a cesarean delivery. Services offering mother and baby care are essential during this stage to ensure that the new mother is cared for, supported and guided through the first stage of motherhood. By hiring babysitting services right after the birth of your child, it is possible to reduce the potential psychological stress and can also help you deal with postnatal depression in a better way. 

Given that Dubai is the home of expats and professionals from all over the world, it is common to find that families living here are away from their loved ones and do not have the direct help and support of family members and relatives. Opting for services of at home childcare can’t fill that gap but can offer solace and support in times of need. In the absence of elderly family members, trained and experienced nurses can prepare new mothers for what to expect in the first few weeks after bringing a baby home. 

First Response Healthcare (FRH) offers mother and child care services that make sure that you have the correct medical guidance for you and your child, along with postnatal care at home. Through the experience of skilled licensed nurses, we provide guidance and suggestions that can prove to be very useful for a new mother. Right from inputs regarding nutrition, breastfeeding and exercise to household requirements and necessary hygiene practices, we make sure to help you and guide you through all aspects and precautions that are necessary for the optimum health of the child and the mother. The goal of our services is to provide you with the best newborn care at home and help you ease you into motherhood effectively.

What Do Services Of Mother & Childcare at Home Include?

FRH offers postnatal care services that can not just reduce the burden on the mother but also can improve the daily routine and lives of families. We bring to you services of trained, licensed and professional nurses who assist you with at homemother and child care. Here’s what our services include: 

1. Care & Support For The New Mother 

Post delivery, most mothers are not just new to the experience of motherhood but they also face numerous difficulties including postpartum depression, post operative struggles, issues with breastfeeding, etc. Nurses can offer tips and suggestions on what to eat, what activities to entail to speed recovery post delivery. Nurses also offer mothers with breastfeeding support and education, required wound care post delivery, inputs regarding sibling integration and comfort  and psychological and emotional support. Over and above this, nurses can also offer massage therapy which can help reduce stress and anxieties. 

2. Care Of The Newborn 

A new born child needs special care and attention, which a new mother might not be able to give to the best of her abilities because of her own struggles and difficulties. Our team of nurses can provide necessary mother and childcare.They can help to care for the baby and can assist with breastfeeding, maintaining hygiene for the child, giving massages, etc. A nurse can also take care of a range of chores related to the baby including feeding, bathing, changing nappies, baby settling, helping the baby sleep and dealing with a colicky baby. A nurse is also trained to monitor the baby’s health and growth by growth charting, weighting the baby and by observation of fontanels. 

What Are The Benefits of Hiring A Nurse For Mother and Childcare?

  1. Guidance for Lactation: The nurse will guide you through the required nutrition and the meals and foods the new mother needs to have to ensure that she is fit and healthy post delivery for breastfeeding. 
  2. Support with Breastfeeding: Breastfeeding can be tough and difficult for new mothers in some cases and in such a scenario, nurses can suggest the correct breastfeeding techniques, along with answering the numerous questions and concerns that a mother might have. 
  3. Inputs on Baby Feeding: Nurses can guide new mothers through the correct process of feeding the baby along with how the feeding usables and utensils need to be cleaned. 
  4. Tips on Baby Massaging: Special attention is required when it comes to bathing a newborn baby. Nurses can help with the correct methods of how to massage a baby during baths and at other times to ensure optimum muscle and bone development. 
  5. Maintaining the Newborn’s Hygiene:Newborn babies can contract infections easily and thus maintaining the right amount of hygiene is very important. Nurses can help mothers with how to care for a newborn child when it comes to keeping them clean and safe. 
  6. Monitoring Health of the Newborn:Monitoring and checking the health of a new born child is essential in the first few weeks and months. A nurse can help with taking care of the diet chart of the mother and the child, and can also supervise conditions and issues related to the baby’s skin, hair or anything else. 
  7. Emotional and Moral Support: The role of the nurse is not just to help you with tasks and responsibilities, but they will also make sure to check in with you frequently about your state and mental health. The training and experience of nurses can help them recognize if you are showing signs of postpartum depression. Over and above this, just having a helping hand can relieve a lot of the stress and burden from the new mother and can help her feel relaxed. 
  8. Physical Recovery Support: Right from wound care to suggesting the right foods and exercises, a nurse can help speed recovery by guiding you through what can be helpful and what cannot. The guidance from the nurse can allow you to take the right precautions, thus making sure that you heal quickly and that you can get back to your best and healthy self in the least amount of time possible. 
  9. Get Your Queries and Concerns Addressed:A nurse is qualified and experienced in the various ways in which pregnant and postpartum women need to be taken care of or the struggles and difficulties they face and the ways of coping with them. Over and above this, a nurse is also familiar and well versed with baby care and all the knowledge required for the baby’s health and functioning. In case you have questions, queries or concerns, you can easily get them cleared up through the nurse. The nurse’s assurance and guidance can make a lot of new experiences easier for you. 
  10. Healthcare Resources & Recommendations:Your nurse will most definitely have a lot of information on pediatricians, specialists, lactation consultants, new mothers/parenting groups, etc. The nurse can suggest options for doctors, specialists and other healthcare providers for the newborn and the mother. 

All in all, the goal of our nursing services is to ensure optimum newborn care at home, support you in your stay at home after returning from the hospital and offer you with postnatal and pediatric care. These are some of the benefits of mother and childcare.

Best Home Nursing Services For Mother and Childcare in Dubai

If you’re looking for babysitting services or mother and childcare at home, you do not need to look any further. At First Response Healthcare (FRH), we help families in search of qualityHome Nursing Carein Dubai. FRH has a team of highly trained, qualified and licensed home nurses who are experienced in mother and childcare. 

Through our home nursing services,  you can get a qualified nurse right at your doorstep, who can take care of the various needs of the newborn and the new mother. Our nursing services prioritize your needs and comfort and we make sure to provide you customized services that suit you best.  

JCI Accredited Home Healthcare Services 

First Response Healthcare has received the Gold Seal of Approval for meeting the Joint Commission International Standards for Home Healthcare. It implements international healthcare quality standards and has a team that is highly qualified and trained to provide you with healthcare services of the highest standard. 

FRH has a team of highly competent & DHA licensed doctors, nurses,  physiotherapists and medical experts who work 24*7, 365 days a year to deliver home care services right when you need them. They can visit you anywhere within the Emirate of Dubai, whether it’s your home, office or hotel. FRH offers a range of services including services of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and lab technicians. 

Features That Make FRH Different: 

  • Flexible Appointments: We work 24/7, 365 days a year and you can schedule an appointment with us any time, even on weekends and public holidays
  • Time to reach you: We can reach you within 30* minutes of your call
  • Areas Our Services Cover: Entire Emirate of Dubai
  • Our team of medical professionals can visit your at your home, office or hotel

To avail any of the services listed above, you can contact First Response Healthcare by calling on 0505050387 or 800DIALDOC. You can also book an appointment online by visiting First Response Healthcare website in Dubai.