Hello and Welcome to First Response Healthcare!
Hello and Welcome to First Response Healthcare!

Private Ambulance Services in Dubai

Under the wing of First Response Healthcare (FRH), First Response Ambulance Services (FRAS) provides standby emergency medical services in adherence with DCAS guidelines and regulations, making it a trusted provider of ambulance Dubai services.

FRAS operates ‘DCAS Level 6’ ambulances, which is the highest level certified by Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services (DCAS). Level 6 ambulances are known to be vehicles with the most advanced medical technology and have the best international standards for patient transportation. The ambulance Dubai services provided by FRAS are of the GMC Savana brand and are equipped with defibrillators, ventilators, oxygen, trauma stabilizing devices, and cardiac support medications.

(FRAS) has state-of-the-art emergency medical care equipment that comes along with a team of experienced medical professionals and paramedics who are trained in providing initial evaluation, treatment, stabilization, monitoring, resuscitation disposition during medical emergencies. Our ambulance Dubai services are available round the clock, and we provide emergency drugs, first aid, and patient transfers during times of crisis. (FRAS) ambulances are always manned by advanced paramedics, emergency medical technicians (EMTs), and ambulance drivers. (FRAS) makes sure to provide the best standard of operations using the advanced and latest equipment and technology while adhering to the DCAS requirements and guidelines.

Our expertise in providing quality, high-standard private ambulance services emerges from our company legacy in providing reliable home healthcare services in Dubai.

Why Should You Choose First Response Ambulance Services (FRAS)?

  • Managed by First Response Healthcare, which is a (JCI) accredited healthcare service provider that implements international quality standards, our commitment extends to exceptional ambulance Dubai services.
  • Licensed by Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services (DCAS).
  • Our team consists of (DCAS) licensed (EMT)s, paramedics, and advanced paramedics, and is committed to exceptional ambulance services in Dubai.
  • We operate “Level 6” ambulances, the most reliable vehicles for emergency services, so that you can rely on the efficient services of our Ambulance in urgent medical situations..
  • We are backed up by 200 medical professionals including doctors and nurses. When seconds count, Ambulance Dubai by FRAS is your dedicated emergency medical service provider.

What Services Does (FRAS) Offer?

(FRAS) is authorized by DCAS to operate the following services:

  1. Pre-Hospital Medical Service in Business.
  2. Pre-Hospital Medical Service During Event.
  3. Patient Transport Via Ambulance Vehicle.

The health and wellbeing of employees are of utmost importance for businesses and organizations. Without employees, a business cannot successfully and effectively achieve its vision and motive. Since employees spend a major chunk of their day at the workplace, businesses need to ensure that there are provisions and facilities in place for their safety and security. Having ambulance services businesses can ensure that the employees and workers get first aid and emergency medical care in time before they reach the hospital. Several businesses like construction sites, industrial, electrical, mechanical, and desalination facilities are also more likely to witness unexpected accidents and thus having a standby ambulance for an emergency, is even more essential.

For businesses, we can supply fully fitted first aid stations under Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services or supply fully equipped ambulance Dubai services depending on the type and nature of business. The options include:

  • Fully fitted first aid station
  • Fully equipped ambulance
  • Medics on site

We supply standby ambulance services for the following businesses: 

  • Construction Sites
  • Industrial Facilities 
  • Electrical & Mechanical Support Services 
  • Desalination Plants
  •  Corporates
  • Oil & Gas 

We also supply standby ambulances at the following locations: 

  • Attraction Sites
  • Community Parks
  • Water Parks 
  • Shopping Malls

A big and crucial part of organizing or hosting an event is ensuring the safety and security of the guests and attendees in case of any unforeseen circumstances such as medical emergencies, accidents, etc. This makes it necessary for the event organizer to be well prepared and to make sure that there is a plan in place in case of an emergency to limit the severity of damage or loss caused to an individual’s health. Ambulance services for events are an integral part of this emergency plan. Having an ambulance at an event will ensure that any sort of medical emergency is taken care of and that the patient will be provided with the required pre-hospital care and will be taken to the nearest hospital at the earliest for the necessary medical treatment. Having an ambulance at an event is a responsible and wise decision that can help save lives in case of any emergency.

(FRAS) is equipped to provide advanced life-support ambulance services for events with qualified and (DCAS) licensed advanced paramedics, paramedics, and emergency medical technicians (EMTs). No matter how big or small an event, having an ambulance at the venue can comfort participants or attendees and can reassure them about their safety in case of a medical emergency because of an illness or accident. The team at FRAS is highly trained and is committed to ensuring that the patients receive the highest quality care. Our team of specialists can assist you in various stages of planning to ensure effective risk assessment and smooth deployment of ambulance services. We make sure our medics are placed at strategic positions and places at the venue to ensure that people can see and access emergency medical services or first aid at an event in Dubai. Our team is committed to providing excellent professional care, including Ambulance Dubai services, throughout the event.

We can offer the best of services at both big and small-scale events where specialized medical services through ambulances are required. We maintain professional standards and our team members ensure that they come to the aid of visitors and guests, offering best Ambulance services at your event. We offer our services for both long-term and short-term contracts, wherein we can provide ambulance support for one day, multi-day or year-long events.

For events, (FRAS) provides standby ambulance Dubai services where we can provide the following options based on the type and nature of the event:

  • Ambulance with the medical team.
  • Medical team only (advanced paramedics, paramedics & EMTs)
  • First Aid facilities.

We supply standby ambulance services to the following types of events in Dubai: 

  • Concerts
  • Sport Events
  • Trade Shows
  • Air Shows
  • Festivals
  • Ceremonial Displays
  • TV & Film Sets
  • Big Weddings
  • Community Events
  • Fireworks
  • Parades

Patient transport via ambulance vehicle is an important part of patient care which entails moving the patient from his/her home or any other location to the hospital and vice versa. Emergency patient transfers using ambulance services ensure that the medical team reaches the crisis site on time and minimize the damage caused to the patient. Non-emergency medical transfers, on the other hand, ensure a safe and convenient transfer from one location to the hospital or from the hospital back to one’s home.Non-emergency patient transfer is pre-planned, and it could be used to move patients back and forth for medical treatments such as for dialysis or medical appointments. This kind of patient transfer can be very helpful for patients who are critically ill and need constant monitoring. Through an ambulance service, it is possible to monitor heart rate and blood pressure, over and above other making use of equipment such as pulse oximetry, IV pumps, oxygen delivery devices, and advanced medication that can be useful in providing pain relief along with treatment for illnesses.

We provide patient transport for the following medical emergency cases: 

  • Hospital To Airport 
  • Airport To Hospital 
  • Home To Hospital 
  • Hospital To Home 
  • Events To Hospital 
  • Business To Hospital

Importance & Benefits of Ambulance Services

Meant to provide pre-hospital medical care during emergencies, ambulances manage to successfully provide emergency response and patient transport as part of the healthcare sector. They enable easy access to medical care, especially during off-hours, and play an important role in promoting and aiding telephone health services through their communications infrastructure.

Ambulance services ensure a response to medical and trauma emergencies 24*7 and provide timely care through qualified and experienced healthcare professionals in times of need. Their organized system ensures first aid treatment and care during accidents and medical emergencies that can help avoid the severity of damage caused to the health of the patient. Through ambulance equipment and expertise of the paramedics, effective assessment, management, and transfer of patients are possible in risky and stressful circumstances. Ambulance services are unique in their ability to not just provide immediate and quick care but also in providing a range of services that individual medical professionals may provide separately. Ambulance operators are also in touch with hospitals, which allows them to ensure that the patients get the right medical services at the right time and in the required time frame.

Medics who are an integral part of ambulance services are highly trained to offer the required treatment to the patients. Whether it’s a wound, illness, chronic condition, or trauma, the medical team has the expertise to work in stressful circumstances to help the patient through their training in intensive care education.

Following are some more benefits of utilizing ambulance services:

  1. Prompt & Safe: In case of any medical emergency, ambulances provide efficient and fast-paced delivery of healthcare services. In case of heart attacks, accidents, or any other urgent medical requirement, ambulances are the safest and quickest way to get to the hospital. One doesn’t need to wait for treatment to start once they are in an ambulance, since the medics can offer first aid immediately and take care of other urgent healthcare needs of the patient.
  2. Offer The Required Technology And Equipment: Ambulances are equipped with Advanced Life Support (ALS), cardiac monitors and lifesaving equipment, emergency medications along oxygen cylinders that can aim to ensure well being of the patient.
  3. Quality Care: Ambulances come along with a trained and experienced medical team and healthcare professionals who ensure that you receive quality care. Ambulance drivers are also rigorously trained to ensure that the patient reaches the hospital safely and in time.

More About First Response Healthcare (FRH)

First Response Healthcare (FRH) is a leading home healthcare company in Dubai, that provides high-quality, patient-centered care through services that are prompt and reliable and are delivered right at your doorstep, such as ambulance near me service. First Response Healthcare has received the Gold Seal of Approval for implementing international healthcare quality standards in-home healthcare.

With a team of highly competent & (DHA) licensed doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, and medical experts, we work 24*7, 365 days a year to deliver home care services right when you need them at your homes, hotels, or offices located anywhere within the Emirate of Dubai. Our staff has been trained to provide kind and compassionate medical attention to all people ranging from tourists to senior citizens or any other individuals. The feedback, reviews, and testimonials that we receive remind us every day of how important our services are to the families and people that we serve.

Features That Make (FRH) Different: 

  • Flexible Appointments: You can schedule an appointment with us 24/7 365, even on weekends and public holidays
  • Time to reach you: We make sure that we reach you within 30 minutes after receiving your call
  • Areas Our Services Cover: Entire Emirate of Dubai
  • Our team of medical professionals can visit you at your home, office, or hotel

Frequently Asked Questions

In all emergency cases, you are only advised to call the Dubai Ambulance Services at 998.

For all non-emergency cases, our ambulances are ready 24/7, 365 days including weekends and public holidays.

You can either google “ambulance near me” or book an ambulance by calling or messaging us on WhatsApp on 0505050387, or book online through a website or contact us via Facebook and Instagram.

You can contact us to book an ambulance for your events, festivals, functions, celebrations, and onsite requirements. Ambulance services could be available for Fireworks and Parades too, depending on your requirement.

Emergency ambulance is the ambulance that is involved in life-threatening cases whereas non-emergency ambulance is the one that is not involved in life-threatening cases.

Yes, FRAS ensures that our ambulance Dubai services can reach all locations in Dubai any time for all non-emergency requirements.