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Importance of Standby Ambulance Services During Events

Any event or place that witnesses a large gathering is subject to numerous risks, whether it’s a concert, exhibition, wedding, religious ceremony, or rally. The risk can be in the form of stampedes, fires, falls, or any other medical emergency. Having an ambulance for events is thus a necessary precaution that all event organizers should take into consideration.

The responsibility for the safety and security of the participants or attendees is on the organizer of the event in case of any medical emergencies, accidents, or any unforeseen circumstances. In such a scenario, the event organizers need to have a dependable emergency plan that can ensure a participant or attendee does not face any dire consequences because of lack of medical support. A very crucial part of this plan is hiring an ambulance service to ensure that in case of a medical emergency, an individual can be treated onsite and then transferred to the hospital once the patient is stabilized.

Why Are Ambulances Useful at Events?

Having an event ambulance service as an organizer of the event is important because of numerous reasons. Here are some of them:

1.Medical Treatment & Assistance

When there is a large group of people in a common space, there is a high possibility of accidents occurring. Having a standby ambulance for events can ensure that an individual or a group of individuals get the right kind of medical treatment in case of an accident or health issue. The primary goal of an ambulance and the paramedic professionals is to prevent life-threatening injuries from becoming fatal. To achieve the same, an event ambulance service serves as a mobile medical unit when need arises.

2.Can Help Prevent Panic

At events and gatherings, the risk of harm to human life may not necessarily be because of accidents like fire or explosions, but many times tragic incidents can occur simply because of panic. Having an event standby ambulance can assure people that they will be catered to in case of an accident or medical emergency. This can help attendees and participants of an event feel relaxed and at peace.

3.Fast & Dependable Medical Service

If the paramedic team doesn’t reach a person at the right time, it can have dire consequences for the individual. Hiring an event ambulance service ensures that an individual who is injured or is having a health issue is taken care of at the earliest time possible. Having an event standby ambulance reduces the response time in the event of accidents and emergencies and this can have significant positive impact on the victim’s condition and state.

4. Several Kinds of Medical Emergencies Taken Care Of

Ambulances and paramedic professionals are trained and experienced in taking care of a range of medical emergencies. When you hire an event ambulance service, you can stay rest assured that various types of health-related emergencies or accidents can be dealt with through the use of an ambulance service. Whether it’s passing out due to heat and exhaustion or having a terrible fall, or having a heart attack – an event standby ambulance is equipped to provide emergency medical support for all these cases and many more.

5.At Events With Alcohol

While it is important to have ambulances at all events, it is even more important to have an event standby ambulance at a gathering or an event where alcohol is being served. When people have excessive alcohol, it can sometimes be a health hazard for people and there are also higher chances of excessive alcohol consumption leading to accidents or mishaps.

6.For Events in Remote Areas

For events that take place in remote areas, which make access to hospitals difficult or time-consuming , having an event standby ambulance is extremely essential. This can ensure that in case of an accident or medical emergency, the victim gets first aid at the earliest and can be taken to the hospital in the least amount of time.

7. At Outdoor Events

Weather is one of the aspects that organisers consider when planning and organising an event. The weather can also influence the health and well-being of people in an outdoor event, and that’s why it is important to be prepared with an event ambulance service. For example, if the weather is very hot, there are chances of heat strokes, fainting, etc. Similarly, if the weather is very cold, it can be a risk factor for people who have asthma.

Event Ambulance Service in Dubai | First Response Healthcare

First Response Healthcare (FRH) is a leading healthcare company in Dubai that offers a range of medical services right at your doorstep, including the service of a fully equipped and staffed ambulance service for events. First Response Ambulance Service (FRAS) provides proactive and dependable emergency medical services in adherence with the DCAS Guidelines and Regulations all over Dubai and we can be available at any big or small event to offer standby ambulance service.

The ambulance services that we use are of the highest level certified by Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services (DCAS). Our ‘DCAS Level 6’ ambulance services have the most advanced technology and are known to be the best for patient transfer services. All our ambulance services are equipped with defibrillators, ventilators, oxygen, trauma stabilizing devices, and cardiac support medications.GMC Savana is the trusted brand for our ambulance services.

Along with our state-of-the-art ambulance for events, we also offer the services of experienced medical professionals and paramedics who are trained in providing initial evaluation, treatment, stabilization, monitoring, and resuscitation disposition during medical emergencies. With our event ambulance service, you can rely on us for emergency drugs, first aid, and patient transfers during a crisis in any sort of an event. We have a team of Advanced Paramedics, Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), and ambulance drivers who are present to offer their ambulance services throughout the course of the event.

We provide standby ambulance services for the following types of events in Dubai:

● Concerts
● Sport Events
● Trade Shows
● Air Shows
● Festivals
● Ceremonial Displays
● TV & Film Sets
● Big Weddings
● Community Events
● Fireworks
● Parades

Having an ambulance at the venue can make attendees and participants feel relaxed and assured about their safety and wellness. Our event standby ambulance service team is highly trained and experienced, and they make sure that they offer the highest quality care. When we arrive at your event, we see to it that our medics are placed at strategic positions and places at the venue. This is to ensure that people can see and access emergency medical services or first aid at the event, whenever the need arises. We offer our services at both big and small events and our team will provide reliable and professional services. You can hire our ambulance for events for both long term and short-term contracts, wherein we can provide ambulance support for one day, multi day or year long events.

For events, FRAS provides standby ambulance services in Dubai with the following options based on the type of event and based on your requirement:

● Ambulance with Paramedics
● Paramedics only
● Paramedics will provide basic first aid treatment to advanced life support treatment on site

What Other Services Does First Response Ambulance Services (FRAS) Offer?

  1. Pre-Hospital Medical Service In Business – We also offer ambulance services for businesses. These could include Construction Sites, Dewa Plants, Rail Transport, Corporates and Oil & Gas, etc.
  2. Patient Transfer Via Ambulance – We offer our ambulance service for patient transfers in the following scenarios:
    ● Hospital To Airport (Stable)
    ● Airport To Hospital (Stable)
    ● Home To Hospital (Stable)
    ● Hospital To Home (Stable)
    ● Events To Hospital (All Cases)
    ● Business To Hospital (All Cases)

We also provide our ambulance for emergency services in the following public places:

● Attraction Sites
● Community Parks
● Shopping Malls
● VIP Receptions

What Makes First Response Ambulance Services (FRAS) Different?

● Our ambulance services are managed by First Response Healthcare, which is a JCI-accredited home healthcare organization known for its professional and reliable medical services of international standards.
● Our ambulance services have been licensed by Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services.
● The FRAS team only consists of DCAS licensed EMTs, paramedics, and advanced medical professionals.
● FRAS provides services through Level 6 ambulances that are known to be the best and most reliable model for emergency services.

Once you book our services, you can depend on us entirely to make sure that the participants and attendees of your event are taken care of in case of any medical help or emergency.

To book First Response Ambulance Service for events, standby medical emergencies or patient transfers, you can call us at 0505050387 or visit: However, in times of health emergencies, you are advised to only call Dubai Ambulance by dialling 998.