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How to Find a Caregiver for Elderly at Home

Finding the right elderly care services at home to help you or your loved one get through old age safely and comfortably can be difficult. Finding a caregiver for elderly can be hard because you don’t know what to look for. To understand ‘how to find a live-in caregiver for elderly,’ it is first important to know that there are several types of caregivers with different levels of certification. So, when looking for elderly care services at home, you’ll have to know which one you need, how to find qualified providers and so on. By the end of this blog, you’ll have more clarity on how to find a live-in caregiver for elderly – someone who is qualified, compassionate, and caring for the elderly at home.

Before delving into different types of elderly care assistance at home, you need to consider the logistics of your needs and requirements. If you are looking for a short-term or part-time caregiver to give your regular caregiver a break, then you should consider respite care. Many older people prefer to stay at home for convenience. In this case, the family should consider a part-time, full-time, or elder care assistance at home. People needing specialized, palliative, or end-of-life care often choose full-time caregivers, whose skills, qualifications, and fees depend on their client’s needs.


Understanding The Different Categories of Elderly care services At Home

Based on their roles and responsibilities, qualifications and medical or non-medical expertise, caring for the elderly at home can be categorized into three main types:

1. Companion Caregivers Or Homemakers

Companion elder care assistance at home are non-medical caregivers who provide support and comfort to seniors when family members need a break from caregiving responsibilities. Companion elder care assistance at home may perform household chores, prepare meals, or take clients to and from trips and appointments.

2. Home Health Care Aides

Home Health Care Aides can perform the same duties as a companion caregiver. A certified elder  care assistance at home can also provide specific hands-on care and assist older people with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, nursing, and walking. They cannot administer or dispense medications, but instead can only prompt or remind clients to take their medications.

3. Medical Caregivers

Medical caregivers typically consist of Certified Medical Assistants (AMA), Certified/Registered Nursing Assistants (CNA/RNA) or Registered Nursing Assistants (RN). Most families and older adults can meet their needs with AMA or CNA, but RN is often referred to for special care needs, such as cancer, advanced dementia, or stroke patients. Medical caregivers for seniors at home can generally perform all the duties of home healthcare aides in addition to providing comprehensive medical care both at home and in a facility. Some of the roles and responsibilities of medical caregivers for seniors at home include:

  • Monitoring vital signs and recording health patterns and behaviors.
  • Staying in close contact with health care providers and family members.
  • Administration of drugs and administration of intravenous injections.
  • Pre-filling of medicine cabinets.
  • Wound care and application of topical ointments.
  • Offer treatment support through enema, irrigation, enteral nutrition, and catheterization.

 How To Find a Live-In Caregiver for Elderly

You can find a live-in caregiver for elderly through a home healthcare organization in Dubai or by hiring a private caregiver. Both these options have merits of their own. 

1. Through A Home Healthcare Organization

You can look for healthcare organizations online or you can get recommendations from friends or relatives. To choose the one that fits the best, you can study their website and find out the services that they offer. You can read reviews of other clients and find out if they are a good fit for your household.  A major advantage of choosing elderly care services at home through a home healthcare organization is that these providers typically:

  • Have selected caregivers after carefully vetting them and have references for the same.
  • Provide or confirm training and credentials of the caregiver.
  • Conduct background checks on candidates.
  • Handle important documents such as contracts and legal documents.
  • Provide backup caregivers if regular staff are not available. 

2. Hiring a Private Caregiver

Hiring a nurse or caregiver directly has the advantage of allowing you to get a personal feel for the candidate during the interview process rather than just considering who the agency recommends. However, hiring a private caregiver might make it difficult for you to do background checks and so on.

What Factors Should You Consider When Choosing Caregivers For caring for the elderly At Home?

Whether working full-time or part-time, living at home, or working in a facility, there are several considerations for older adults and their families when hiring caregivers. Here are some of them:

  • Qualifications, Licenses and Experience – Find a caregiver with the appropriate qualifications and experience to meet your loved one’s needs, especially if they require medication or assistance with daily living. Also make sure that they have the required license for nursing or caregiving roles.
  • References Check – You should not just ask the caregiver for reference but also call and check with these contacts. You can ask for any complaints or things that didn’t work for that particular client. You should also check the length of employment, especially if you are looking for someone you can trust long-term.
  • Will they sign the contract? – If you use an agency or service, this is something you don’t need to worry about. However, if you are hiring personally, remember to include the following details in your contract with new hires to avoid potential problems over time. Within the contract structure, you should list:  
    1. Expected duties, scheduled hours, privileges at home, access to food, etc.
    2. Compensation, whether hourly or salary, including a performance appraisal plan for potential raises and bonuses.
    3. Percentage and frequency of holidays and vacation time policy.
    4. Transportation issues when the caregiver uses her or your own vehicle or public transportation for client outings or client-related errands.
    5. Confidentiality regarding the sharing of personal information.
  • Personality Issues – Someone may have the qualifications and experience, but they may simply not have the personality that matches your loved one or family. After doing a thorough background check, you should follow your intuition. Also, ask your preferred caregivers a few questions to determine their interests and see if they have anything in common with your loved one.

How To Find A Caregiver For Elderly In Dubai | First Response Healthcare

If you are looking for caregivers for caring for the elderly at home in Dubai, First Response Healthcare (FRH) is a healthcare organization you can depend on. First Response Healthcare is one of the leading home healthcare companies caring for the elderly at home in Dubai and it has received the Gold Seal of Approval for meeting the Joint Commission’s international standards for implementing international quality standards in healthcare. FRH has a team of highly trained, qualified and licensed nurses who not only follow international best practices when serving clients, but they are also compassionate towards clients and always prioritize their needs and requirements. FRH Dubai’s nursing care services are designed to give you personalized, specialized care that meets your clinical needs and requirements.

FRH’s Home Nursing Services include:

Features Of Nursing Services By First Response Healthcare

DHA Licensed Nurses: All of our nurses are licensed, trained and experienced to monitor and care for elderly individuals.

General & Specialized Nursing: We provide general and specialized services based on your needs and requirements.

Trained For Elderly Care: Our home nurses are trained to help older patients who need special medical care and support with daily living.

Patient Education: Our nursing staff also provides ongoing patient and family education to all family members. 

Chronic Diseases: Our nurses can help manage a range of chronic diseases. 

Diabetes Management: Our team of nurses offer home diabetes care programs for people with type 1, type 2 and prediabetes.

Post-discharge Care: Our nurses can also provide dedicated care 24/7 post a surgery or operation. They can continuously monitor clinical conditions to ensure a successful recovery.

Medication Compliance: Our nurses ensure perfect medication compliance. They are trained to administer injections prescribed by home visit doctor.

Wound Care: Our nursing staff are qualified and well-trained to provide wound care using best infection control methods for complex and difficult-to-heal wounds. 

Nursing care for the elderly at home is incredibly important as it helps to ensure that they receive the appropriate care and support they need to maintain their health and wellbeing. Elderly individuals often have complex health needs and may require assistance with daily activities such as bathing, dressing, and medication management. Nursing care provided by qualified and experienced professionals can help to prevent complications and improve overall quality of life. Additionally, receiving care at home allows elderly individuals to maintain their independence and remain in a familiar environment, which can have a positive impact on their emotional and mental wellbeing. Overall, nursing care for the elderly at home is essential for promoting optimal health outcomes and maintaining their dignity and autonomy.

If you are wondering how to find a caregiver for elderly at home in Dubai , all you need to do is call 0505050387 or 800DIALDOC. You can also book an online appointment by visiting

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