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10 Winter Wellness Tips to Stay Healthy

While there’s relief for many after the long and hot summer, many of us now will also start to dread the cold weather. Winter will not just bring chilly weather, but with it will come the cold and flu season with people around us falling time and again. However, with some winter wellness tips, it is possible to improve your winter health and to ensure that you or your loved ones do not fall ill.

Following are 10 winter wellness tips that you can rely on to get through winter months to stay healthy:

  1. Enhance Your Immunity  
    To make sure you do not fall ill because of flu and other viral infections, it is important to boost your immunity. You can enhance your immunity by consuming food items that are rich in Vitamin C and Zinc. If you are not getting enough of these vitamins from your food, you can also take supplements for the same. Consuming echinacea, garlic, vitamin C, and zinc improve your immunity.
  2. Eat Healthy  
    Because of the cold and cozy weather, you may be tempted to eat food items that are high in fat, salt and sugar. When you have these cravings, try and make healthier food choices. For example, go for warm and nourishing soups and stews that have a lot of vegetables in them. Also make sure to consume a diet that has a lot of winter fruits and vegetables such as sweet potato, green leafy vegetables, beetroot, kiwi fruit, mandarins, bananas, garlic and ginger. Good, nutritious food can contribute to improving your winter health.
  3. Get Enough Sleep 
    Another winter tip is to sleep for 8 hours to stay healthy. Sleeping well also helps the body’s immune system to fight off colds and flu. Avoiding alcohol, caffeine and tobacco can improve your quality of sleep. Along with this, exercising and relaxation techniques can also ensure that you get a good night’s rest.
  4. Motivate Yourself To Move & Exercise 
    During winter, it can be hard to find the motivation to exercise because of how cold it is outside. However, encourage yourself to keep moving and exercising. Make sure you warm up well before you start exercising because it takes longer for joints to loosen up in cold weather. Exercising a couple of times a week will not just make you warm during winter, but it will also make you fitter.
  5. Maintain Proper Hygiene 
    The viruses that cause colds spread when someone who has a cold sneezes, coughs or makes hand contact with someone else. To make sure that you don’t catch a cold or fall sick, one of the important winter health tips is to remember to wash your hands often or use a sanitizer. When someone in the family has a cold, make sure to keep your house clean. Cleaning door knobs and common panels that the family touches can also make sure that the virus doesn’t spread to others.
  6. Dress For The Weather 
    Another one of the winter tips is to make sure that you are wearing multiple layers to protect yourself from the cold. Along with this, also make sure to cover your head, ears and feet with warm clothes and the right attire such as gloves, socks, etc.
  7. Stay hydrated 
    In winter, you might not feel thirsty often but it is still important to ensure that you are drinking enough water. You should ideally be consuming about two liters of water per day. Either put an alarm at regular intervals to remind yourself to drink enough water or you can also try the different types of herbal teas. Staying hydrated is important to ensure that your winter health remains good.
  8. Reduce Your Stress Levels 
    High levels of stress can negatively affect your immune system and can make you more prone to falling sick. Figure out the best methods that can help you manage your stress. Along with this, also make sure to take time out to unwind and relax. Meditating regularly can also help you relax and manage stress.
  9. Take The Flu Vaccine. 
    Taking the flu vaccine can reduce the risk of illness and hospitalization. Before the onset of winter, you can take the flu vaccine to ensure that your body has the required antibodies to fight viruses. Getting vaccinated can protect you and your family from falling sick and it is an important winter wellness tip that can help you stay healthy during winter.
  10. Take Care Of Your Skin 
    Skincare also comes under winter wellness tips because the cold weather can lead to itchy skin, chilblains and eczema. If not taken care of, these small issues can turn into bigger problems and can hamper your day to day life. Make sure that you moisturize your skin regularly during winters. Also, if you or any one in the family has eczema or psoriasis, you can consume fish oils. These have omega-3, which can help manage your skin condition. Along with this, always remember to wear sunscreen because it is possible to get sunburnt even when the weather is not very hot.

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