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All you need to know about First Response Patient Transport Ambulance Services

First Response Ambulance Service is a fully equipped and staffed ambulance service that provides reliable, effective, and proactive medical services to patients. First Response Ambulance Service (FRAS) operates DCAS Level-6 ambulances, which are renowned as vehicles that have the most advanced technology and the best standards for patient transportation. 

Our ambulances are equipped with state-of-the-art emergency medical care equipment along with a team of qualified and experienced paramedics and medical professionals. These professionals are trained and experienced in the initial evaluation of the patient, treatment, stabilization, monitoring, and resuscitation disposition during medical emergencies. Our patient transport ambulance services are available 24*7.  

First Response Ambulance Service (FRAS) functions under the wing of First Response Healthcare (FRH), which is a JCI accredited home healthcare company in Dubai that provides reliable, high-quality home healthcare services right at your doorstep. Drawing from the same expertise and experience, FRAS also makes sure to provide the best standard of operations using the advanced and latest equipment and technology while adhering to the DCAS requirements and guidelines.


What Are Our Ambulances Equipped With?

As mentioned earlier, our ambulances are ‘DCAS Level 6’ ambulances which is the highest level certified by Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services (DCAS). Our ambulances are of the GMC Savana brand and are equipped with Defibrillators, Ventilators, Oxygen, Trauma Stabilizing devices, and Cardiac Support Medications. These ambulances are always manned by Advanced Paramedics, Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), and the ambulance driver.

What Does Our Ambulance Service Entail?

Correct and safe patient transfer is a crucial and integral part of patient care. Patient transfer refers to carefully and safely moving a patient from his/her home or any other location to the hospital and vice versa. Patient transfers at the right time can reduce the risk to the patient’s life and can also reduce the harm caused to them. Ambulance transfer between hospitals or from other locations to the hospital ensures that the patient is catered to and taken care of every minute, till he/she reaches a medical facility. 

Emergency patient transfers using ambulance services ensure that paramedics reach the crisis site on time, offer first aid to the patient(s), stabilize them, if need be, and minimize the damage caused to the patient(s). Non-emergency medical transfers are meant for transferring a patient from one location to the hospital or from the hospital back home, safely, and comfortably. Non-emergency patient transfers are pre-planned, and they could be used to move patients back and forth for medical treatments such as for dialysis or medical appointments. Non-emergency patient transfers can reduce the stress and worries of family members and caretakers of the patient and can be very useful for patients who are critically ill and need constant monitoring. When a patient is in an ambulance, the patient’s heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen levels can be monitored. Equipment such as pulse oximetry, IV pumps, oxygen delivery devices, and advanced medication can also come in handy for providing pain relief to the patient or to help stabilize his/her condition. 

We provide patient transfer for the following medical emergency requirements: 

  • Hospital To Airport (Stable)
  • Airport To Hospital (Stable)
  • Home To Hospital (Stable)
  • Hospital To Home (Stable)
  • Events To Hospital (All Cases)
  • Business To Hospital (All Cases)

What Other Services Does First Response Ambulance Service Offer?

FRAS is authorized by DCAS to supply the following additional services:

A) Ambulance Service for Events 

For events, FRAS provides standby ambulance services where we can provide the following options based on the type of event: 

  • Ambulance with Paramedics
  • Paramedics only
  • First Aid Facilities 

We provide ambulance services for events such as Concerts, Sports Events, Trade Shows, Air Shows, Festivals, Ceremonial Displays, TV & Film Sets, Big Weddings, Community Events, Fireworks, Parades, etc. 

B) Ambulance Services for Businesses

For businesses, we can provide fully fitted first aid stations under DCAS regulations or supply fully fitted ambulances depending on the type of business. The options include: 

  • Fully fitted first aid station
  • Fully equipped ambulance
  • Paramedics on site

We provide ambulance transport service for businesses such as Construction Sites, Support Services, Rail Transportation, Corporates, and Oil & Gas. 

We also supply standby emergency services at the following places: 

  • Attraction Sites
  • Community Parks
  • Shopping Malls
  • VIP Receptions

Why Should You Choose First Response Ambulance Services for Patient Transportation?

  • FRAS is managed by First Response Healthcare, which is a JCI accredited healthcare company that provides healthcare services that have international quality standards.
  • FRAS is licensed by Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services.
  • The FRAS team only consists of DCAS licensed EMTs, paramedics, and Advanced paramedics. 
  • FRAS provides services through Level 6 ambulances that are known to be the best and most reliable model for emergency services. 
  • FRAS is backed up by more than 200 medical professionals including doctors, nurses, and medical staff. 

Why Are Ambulances Important for Patient Transportation?

Ambulance Transport Services make it possible for patients and their families to have easy and quick access to medical care, especially during hours. Ambulances act as a medium of effective prehospital medical care that proves to be useful during emergencies. They provide emergency response and patient transfer in times of need and form an integral part of the healthcare infrastructure. 

Patient Transport Ambulance Services are proven to be lifesaving during medical and trauma emergencies. Given that ambulance services function 24*7, they provide timely care through qualified and experienced healthcare professionals during a crisis. Through first aid treatment and care, paramedics help avoid or reduce the severity of damage caused to the wellbeing of the patient during accidents or other emergencies. 

Using the ambulance equipment, paramedics can provide patients with effective assessment, management, and transfer of patients, thus reducing the risk to their wellbeing in times of emergency. What makes ambulance services stand out is their peculiar ability to not just provide immediate and quick healthcare but also that they provide a range of different services that individual medical professionals may not be able to provide independently and individually. Given that Ambulance operators are also in touch with hospitals, they can make sure that patients get proper healthcare at the right time and the earliest possible. 

Patient transport ambulance services are manned by Paramedics who are highly trained clinicians offering required treatment to the patients. From a wound, illness, chronic condition, or trauma, paramedics have the expertise to work in stressful circumstances to help the patient through their training in intensive care education. 

Following are reasons why ambulance services prove to be so useful: 

Quick, Prompt & Safe Healthcare Service: During medical emergencies, ambulances provide efficient and fast services. Right from heart attacks, accidents to any other urgent medical requirements, ambulances are the safest and quickest for patient transportation. Once a patient is in the ambulance, their assessment and first aid start immediately, and paramedics effectively take care of their urgent healthcare needs and help stabilize them. 

Advanced Technology and Equipment: Ambulances are equipped with Advanced Life Support (ALS), cardiac monitors and lifesaving equipment, emergency medications along with oxygen cylinders that are all meant to stabilize the patient’s condition. 

Immediate Quality Care: Ambulances come along with trained and experienced paramedics and healthcare professionals are driven to ensure that you receive the best care possible. Not just the paramedics but even ambulance drivers are rigorously trained to ensure that the patient reaches the hospital safely and in time. 

More About First Response Healthcare (FRH)

First Response Healthcare (FRH) is one of the best home healthcare companies in Dubai, that offers people high-quality healthcare services that are delivered right at one’s doorstep. First Response Healthcare implements international quality standards and has received the Gold Seal of Approval from Joint Commission International for the same. 

With a team of highly competent & DHA licensed doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, and medical experts, we work 24*7, 365 days a year to deliver home care services right when you need them in your homes, hotels, or offices located anywhere within the Emirate of Dubai. Our staff is kind and compassionate and they strive to provide the best of services to all people of varied age groups and diversities. 

Features That Make FRH Different:

  • Flexible Appointments: Our patient transport ambulance services are available 24/7 365 days of the year, and you can book an appointment even on weekends and public holidays
  • Time to reach you: After we receive an appointment call from you, we make sure that we reach you within 30 minutes
  • Our services are available throughout the Emirate of Dubai 
  • Our team of medical professionals can visit you at your home, office, or hotel

For more information, please send an email to or call 0505050387