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Best Diet Plan To Lose Weight For Diabetic Patients

A large number of people all across the globe, irrespective of their dietary habits, climatic conditions, and lifestyle suffer from diabetes disease. The experts often stress the importance of taking medicines, managing lifestyle, stress and exercise as important elements to living healthy with this condition.

At the centre of it all, maintaining a good diet plan is effective in keeping the blood sugar levels in the normal range. If you are someone who has type 2 diabetes, managing diet and losing weight can possibly lead to diabetes remission.

Of course, giving up on your favourite food is easier said than done. It can be a real struggle. Remember, staying healthy is the priority here. Discover the best diet plan to lose weight for diabetic patients below.

Foods to include in your diet

When experts talk about losing weight for diabetes patients, it doesn’t mean you should follow starvation diets or other vague methods. What it does mean is that you should eat healthily. For example, you should include protein, fruits, vegetables, dairy and grains.

This objective can be achieved by eating the right mix of nuts, eggs, berries, low-fat milk, brown rice and such food. If you love fish, go for salmon, mackerel, tuna which are helpful. Moreover, you can enjoy sweet potatoes if you like and avoid fatty yoghurt.

Along with the food, you should aim to consume enough water or tea to stay hydrated always. It will certainly improve your overall well-being.

Foods to avoid in your diet

As you might already know, there are certain foods that will increase the blood sugar levels in your body. You should certainly avoid them in your diet. It ranges from white rice which is a processed grain to fatty dairy products, all juices or eatables which are added with sweeteners to products made with refined flour.

At the same time, it is essential to avoid fried foods as they may contain trans fats or saturated fats in high quantity. Experts also advise avoiding foods with high glycemic load. Others recommend limiting red meat in certain diet plans. You can definitely consult with the family doctor who provides health checkup in Dubai.

Different diets for Diabetes

A Mediterranean diet can help lose weight, and it further assists in minimizing metabolic disorder risks. The foods include salmon, eggs, beans, cucumbers, almonds, olive oil and the diet is known to be rich in oleic acid. It can help diabetes patients immensely.

Also, some people resort to vegetarian or vegan diets. In this type of diet plan, no meat can be eaten, and you can consume animal products such as milk, butter, eggs etc. Other healthy vegan options include legumes, fruits, nuts, soy etc. Of course, make sure that you are not missing essential nutrients. You can take supplements of calcium, zinc, iodine to stay healthy.

These are some of the best diet plans you can follow to lose weight. As a diabetic patient, you can always avail Doctor on call in Dubai services from First Response Healthcare. We are available 24X7, 365 days a year. Visit for more details:

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