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Contribution of Ambulance and Paramedic Services to Healthcare

Certain incidents and situations require immediate medical care, attention and where even a delay of a few minutes can prove to be crucial for someone’s life. Ambulance and paramedic services are extremely relevant and important in such circumstances because they ensure people get the right medical care and intervention at the earliest. Regularly, ambulances and paramedic services save hundreds of lives because of their prompt and expert treatment given to the ill or injured patient. 

The emergency ambulance service team consists of a advanced paramedic and a EMT. They are highly trained clinicians who offer the required treatment to the patients. Whether it’s a wound, illness, chronic condition or trauma, paramedics have the expertise to work in stressful circumstances to help the patient through their training in intensive care education. One of their most important goals is to stabilize the patient’s condition and help treat the patient while they are being transported to hospital. They provide immediate and effective medical aid and care to the patient while being on move for the hospital. Paramedics are well equipped with first aid skills and know-how to help a patient who is bleeding profusely, having cardiac arrests, road accidents, injuries by fall, and so on. Over and above the skills and expertise of the paramedics, ambulance services are also very useful because of the wide range of essential pre-hospital emergency machines that they have, right from heart defibrillators, intravenous drips, splints to oxygen and drugs.  

Ambulance and paramedics services manage to successfully provide prehospital medical care during emergencies, along with the service of patient transfer. Ambulance services make it possible to avoid the severity of damage caused to the health of the patient. Through ambulance equipment and expertise of the paramedics, effective assessment, management, and transfer of patients are possible in risky and stressful circumstances. The services that various medical professionals can provide individually and separately, paramedics can provide them all together and at once. Ambulances are in constant contact with hospitals which makes it possible to ensure that patients get the right care, advice, and treatment in the least amount of time. Through their services, it is also possible to get easy access to medical care during off-hours, especially at night. Ambulance services also play an important role in promoting and aiding telephone health services through their communications infrastructure. 


Where Are Ambulance Services Important?

  1. At Events 

Any event organizer, no matter how big or small the event, needs to make sure of the safety and security of the guests and participants coming to the event. In case of medical emergencies, accidents, or any unforeseen circumstances, the event organizers need to be well prepared with an emergency plan to ensure that no severe damage is caused to the health and wellbeing of a guest because of lack of medical assistance or care at the event. Having ambulance services at an event is the most effective and convenient part of this emergency plan. This will make sure that in case of a medical or accidental crisis, the event attendee is rushed to the nearest hospital in the least amount of time possible to ensure that they get the required medical treatment to help stabilize their condition. Having an ambulance at an event is a responsible and wise decision that can help save lives in case of any emergencies.

  1. For Businesses

A business cannot thrive and succeed without its employees. Employees and their health and wellbeing should be one of the most important priorities for an employer. Employees spend a huge part of their day at the workplace itself and one may probably experience a medical emergency at the workplace. Even in case of accidents, it is crucial to have an emergency plan in place when the need arises for the same. Having ambulances at businesses and workplaces can ensure that employees get first aid and emergency medical care at the right time. Several businesses like construction sites or DEWA plants are also more likely to witness accidents and thus having an ambulance for emergency service at businesses is essential. 

  1. For Patient Transfers

Patient transfers involve moving the patient from his/her home or any other location to the hospital and vice versa. Patient transfers can be categorized into emergency and non-emergency patient transfers. The former involves paramedics reaching the site of the emergency in the least amount of time possible and providing immediate first aid care or stabilizing the patient. Non-emergency medical patient transfer refers to moving the patient from one location to the other, safely, and conveniently. This transfer could be between the hospital and home for medical treatments such as dialysis or medical appointments. This type of transfer can prove to be very helpful for critically ill patients who need constant monitoring since, through an ambulance service, it is possible to monitor heart and blood pressure.


Ambulance Service by First Response Healthcare

Initiated by First Response Healthcare (FRH), First Response Ambulance Service (FRAS) is a fully equipped and staffed ambulance service to provide proactive and dependable emergency medical services in adherence with the DCAS Guidelines and Regulations. All the ambulances provided by FRAS are DCAS Level 6 ambulances, which are known to be vehicles with the most advanced technology and have the best standards for patient transfer. These ambulances are also of the highest level certified by Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services (DCAS). The ambulances are of the GMC Savana brand and are equipped with Defibrillator, Ventilator, Oxygen, Trauma Stabilizing Device, and Cardiac Support Medications. Along with this state-of-the-art emergency medical care equipment, FRAS offers the service of experienced medical professionals and paramedics who are experienced and trained in providing an initial evaluation for the patient, in treating, stabilizing, monitoring, and providing resuscitation disposition during medical crises and emergencies. FRAS is always manned by Advanced Paramedics, Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), and ambulance drivers.  While adhering to the DCAS requirements and guidelines, FRAS follows the highest standard of operations using advanced technology and the latest equipment. Our expertise in providing quality, high-standard ambulance services emerge from our company background in providing reliable home healthcare services in Dubai. 

What Makes First Response Ambulance Services (FRAS) Stand Out? 

  • FRAS is managed by First Response Healthcare, which is a JCI accredited healthcare service provider that implements international quality standards.
  • FRAS is licensed by Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services.
  • The FRAS team only consists of DCAS licensed EMTs, paramedics, and Advanced paramedics. 
  • FRAS provides services through Level 6 ambulances that are known to be the best and most reliable model for emergency services. 
  • FRAS is backed up by more than 200 medical professionals including doctors, nurses, and medical staff.

What Services Does FRAS Offer?

Having received authorization from DCAS, FRAS provides the following services:

Pre-Hospital Medical Service During Events – We provide ambulance services for events such as Concerts, Sports Events, Trade Shows, Air Shows, Festivals, Ceremonial Displays, TV & Film Sets, Big Weddings, Community Events, Fireworks, Parades, etc. 

Pre-Hospital Medical Service in Business – We provide ambulance service for businesses such as Construction Sites, Dewa Plants, Rail Transport, Corporates, and Oil & Gas. 

Patient Transfer Via Ambulance – We provide patient transfer for the following medical emergency requirements: 

  • Hospital To Airport (Stable)
  • Airport To Hospital (Stable)
  • Home To Hospital (Stable)
  • Hospital To Home (Stable)
  • Events To Hospital (All Cases)
  • Business To Hospital (All Cases)

Over and above this, we also provide an ambulance for emergency services for the following places: 

  • Attraction Sites
  • Community Parks
  • Shopping Malls
  • VIP Receptions


More About First Response Healthcare (FRH)

First Response Healthcare (FRH) is one of the best home healthcare companies in Dubai, that provides comprehensive, high-quality, patient-centered services that are dependable and prompt. FRH delivers its services right at your doorstep in the comfort of your own home. FRH implements the highest quality international standards and has received the Gold Seal of Approval for implementing international healthcare quality standards in-home healthcare. 

With a team of highly competent & DHA licensed doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, and medical experts, we work 24*7, 365 days a year to deliver home care services right when you need them in your homes, hotels, or offices located anywhere within the Emirate of Dubai. FRH staff and employees are trained and experienced in providing kind and compassionate medical care to patients across various age groups. FRH medical professionals prioritize your needs and comfort and ensure that you receive the best medical services that match your needs and expectations. 

Features That Make FRH Different: 

  • Flexible Appointments: We can work around your schedule, and you book an appointment with us any time, even on weekends and public holidays. 
  • Time to reach you: We try to reach you at the earliest within 30 minutes of receiving a call from you. 
  • Areas Our Services Cover: We can reach you anywhere within the Emirate of Dubai
  • Our team of medical professionals can visit you at your home, office, or hotel


To book First Response Ambulance Service, you can call on 0505050387 or visit: Ambulance Service Page