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How Do Ambulance Services Stand Relevant In Saving Human Lives?

An ambulance is a vehicle that is used to take sick or injured people to the hospital. A life support ambulance is equipped for emergency care and it can also be used to transport patients from one hospital to the other. Ambulances can be in the form of vans, buses, airplanes, helicopters or motorbikes. Ambulances have the necessary equipment required to stabilize someone after an emergency. It’s equipped with stretchers, defibrillators, spine boards, oxygen, cervical (neck) collars, splints, bandages and a range of drugs and intravenous fluids. Ambulances can be placed at hospitals, clinics, stand-alone centres, offices, events, or airports to provide medical care in case of an emergency. Ambulances can be useful for life support, for patient transfer or to provide standby emergency medical services. 

The Role of Paramedics   

Ambulance services stand relevant in saving human lives because of the crucial role played by the trained crew comprising advanced paramedics, paramedics, EMT, ambulance officers.

A paramedic is a trained medical professional who is experienced in providing rapid emergency medical assessment and treatment to people. They are trained and experienced in providing emergency medical care to people who have had a heart attack, a stroke, spinal injuries, diabetic emergencies, breathing difficulties among other medical emergencies.

How Do Ambulance Services Help In Saving Lives?     

Ambulance services play three critical roles: the first is to act as life support for patients in times of an emergency, the second is for patient transfers and the third is for standby emergency medical services. The goal of ambulance services is to ensure that the patient gets dependable pre-hospital medical care during emergencies. Ambulance services improve people’s access to medical care since ambulances work 24 hours and also because they transfer patients to healthcare facilities from rural or remote areas. Ambulances are linked to a very strong network of telephone health services which aids the communication infrastructure required to provide quality and prompt healthcare to patients. 

First Responders and Paramedics that come along with ambulance services are trained and experienced in the know-how of how to respond to medical and trauma emergencies. They are highly trained clinicians who can offer first aid and treatment in cases of a wound, illness, chronic condition or trauma. They are equipped with providing timely care and they have an organized system for treatment and first aid that aims to ensure that they can reduce the severity of damage caused to the patient during the time of a medical emergency or accident. Over and above this, with the use of ambulance equipment and expertise of the paramedics, effective assessment, management and transfer of patients is possible in risky and stressful circumstances. What makes first responders and paramedics unique in their ability to help and treat patients is that they have the ability and training to provide services of a range of different medical professionals all by themselves. The fact that they can provide immediate and quick care without panicking or feeling stressed or burdened is what helps them save lives. Ambulance operators also play a key role because they are constantly in touch with hospitals, and that allows them to ensure that the patients receive the right medical services at the right time. 

Here are some of the benefits of ambulance services: 

  1. Equipped With Technology & Devices Required During a Medical Emergency: Ambulances have Advanced Life Support (ALS), cardiac monitors, lifesaving equipment, emergency medications along with oxygen cylinders all of which are very important to help a patient during a medical emergency. All these devices can help stabilize the patient and can provide the pre-hospital care till the patient safely reaches the hospital or health care facility.  
  2. Quick, Safe & Reliable: Ambulances provide services that are very fast, but also very reliable. Ambulance drivers are trained to take patients to the hospitals in the least amount of time, but they also ensure that they do it safely. Incase of heart attacks, accidents or any other urgent medical requirements, life support ambulances are the safest and quickest way to get to the hospital. As soon as the patient is under the care of paramedics and in the ambulance, the first aid and required treatment starts immediately and the urgent healthcare needs of the patient are well taken care of.  
  3. Professional & Quality Care: Once you are in an ambulance, you can rest assured that you will be provided quality care by trained and experienced paramedics and healthcare professionals. Ambulance first responders and paramedics are trained to work effectively in stressful settings and situations and they ensure that the patient receives effective medical care through their ability of quick thinking. 

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Where Are Standby Ambulance Services Useful?     

Following are the places where the organizers or people in charge should definitely consider having ambulances as standby emergency medical services to ensure that the patient receives required medical care in case of an emergency:

  • At Events Or Gatherings 

Whenever there are several people at an event or gathering, it is always important to have an ambulance for medical emergencies. It doesn’t matter how big or small an event might be, it is the responsibility of the event organizer or host to ensure that all facilities for the safety and security of guests and participants are in place. Incase of health emergencies like heart attack, strokes or accidents or any unforeseen circumstances, having an ambulance on location can ensure that the patient receives the right medical care at the right time. Severe damage caused to the patient’s health and wellbeing can be prevented with the presence of life support ambulance services at an event or gathering. With an ambulance service on standby, one can ensure that the patient gets the required medical treatment to help stabilize their condition.

  • At Businesses & Organizations 

The health and wellbeing of its employees is one of the most important factors that play a role in the success of a business or organization. When employees are fit and healthy and when they know they are cared for and well taken care of, they give their best in helping the organization or businesses achieve its goal. Moreover, employees spend a huge chunk of their day at the workplace and so, for the mental peace of the employee, his or her family and the employer, it is important for there to be an ambulance on standby that can help in taking employees to the hospital incise of an emergency. Several businesses like construction sites or DEWA plants are also more likely to witness accidents and thus having an ambulance for emergency service at businesses or organizations is essential. 

  • For Patient Transfers

Patient transfer ambulances are used for patient transfer. Patient transfer refers to the moving of the patient from his/her home or any other location to the hospital and vice versa. Patient transfers are generally of two types: 

  1. Emergency Patient Transfer
  2. Non Emergency Patient Transfer 

As the term suggests, emergency patient transfers are for when the patient is severely injured or ill and needs to be rushed to the hospital. In times of health emergencies, you are advised to only call the Dubai Ambulance by calling 998. In such a scenario, the ambulance along with the paramedics will reach the patient in the shortest amount of time and will give the necessary first aid and treatment required. 

Non-emergency patient transfers refer to simply moving the patient from one location to the other, safely, and conveniently for medical treatments, medical appointments, check-ups and so on. This service is very useful for critically ill patients who need constant monitoring. 

Ambulance Service by First Response Healthcare      

First Response Healthcare, under its umbrella, runs the First Response Ambulance Service (FRAS) which is a fully equipped and staffed ambulance service to provide proactive and dependable emergency medical services in adherence with the DCAS Guidelines and Regulations. 

The ambulances are DCAS Level 6 ambulances with advanced technology and are best suited for patient transfers. The ambulances are of the highest level certified by Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services (DCAS) and are of GMC Savana brand. They are equipped with Defibrillator, Ventilator, Oxygen, Trauma Stabilizing Device and Cardiac Support Medications. The ambulances are always manned by Advanced Paramedics, Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and the ambulance driver.  The paramedics and medical professionals are experienced in providing initial evaluation for the patient as well as in treating, stabilizing, monitoring, and providing resuscitation disposition during medical crises and emergencies. 

Why Should You Choose First Response Ambulance Services (FRAS) 

  • FRAS is managed by First Response Healthcare, which is a JCI accredited healthcare service provider that implements international quality standards.
  • FRAS is licensed by Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services.
  • The FRAS team only consists of DCAS licensed EMTs, paramedics, and Advanced paramedics. 
  • FRAS provides services through Level 6 ambulances that is known to be the best and most reliable model for emergency services. 
  • FRAS is backed up by more than 200 medical professionals including doctors, nurses and medical staff. 

What Services Does FRAS Offer?     

Having received authorization from DCAS, FRAS provides the following services:

  1. Pre-Hospital Medical Service During Events – We provide ambulance services for events such as Concerts, Sport Events, Trade Shows, Air Shows, Festivals, Ceremonial Displays, TV & Film Sets, Big Weddings, Community Events, Fireworks, Parades , etc. 
  2. Pre-Hospital Medical Service In Business – We provide ambulance service for businesses such as Construction Sites, Dewa Plants, Rail Transport, Corporates and Oil & Gas. 
  3. Patient Transfer Via Ambulance –  We provide patient transfer for the following medical emergency requirements: 
  • Hospital To Airport (Stable)
  • Airport To Hospital (Stable)
  • Home To Hospital (Stable)
  • Hospital To Home (Stable)
  • Events To Hospital (All Cases)
  • Business To Hospital (All Cases)

Over and above this, we also provide ambulance for emergency services for the following places: 

  • Attraction Sites
  • Community Parks
  • Shopping Malls
  • VIP Receptions

To book First Response Ambulance Service for patient transfer or for standby medical emergency, you can call on 0505050387 or visit:  However, in times of health emergencies, you are advised to only call the Dubai Ambulance by calling 998

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