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How to celebrate Id-Ul-Fitr (Ramzan Id) on 14th May in Covid 19 Pandemic?

One of the biggest festivals of the year is just around the corner. It feels like the month of Ramzan has passed by too quickly and we stand on the threshold of Id-Ul-Fitr already. The divine energy of this month, the fasts, Suhoor, and Iftar make it one of the best festivals you can ever witness. But what is even better than Suhoor and Iftar is the wait that comes to an end with Id-Ul-Fitr.

Had times not been so perilous, people would celebrate it in their usual merry way but since we’re in the middle of a deadly pandemic some precautions need to be taken, after all, health and your loved ones are the most important thing in the end. But, no one said that you can’t celebrate and have fun on Id-Ul-Fitr like you used to, right? Here are a few tips for you to celebrate Id-Ul-Fitr this pandemic. 

  • Dress Your Heart up – So maybe you weren’t able to enjoy your Ramzan shopping this year but if you’re your Covid situation and locality allows the delivery of e-commerce goods then go wild and shop online. But we do understand not all of us to have the liberty to do that but that does not mean you cannot dress up your best still, right. Take that beautiful Kurta and silk dresses you got last year and bring out the inner fashionista in you. Your wardrobe is your shopping mall this year and we know you’ve got some gems in there. 
  • Eat Your Heart Out – After a month of fasting, you are owed the biggest most delicious feast ever and we know the best of the best delicacies will be prepared in your kitchens but you can also, taking proper Covid Safety measures, order food online as well. Do not stop yourself from enjoying the delicious dishes of Id-Ul-Fitr. Though be a little careful and eat light during the day before the feast, your body is probably not completely used to the heavy feast you’re about to devour. Prepare yourself and don’t fall sick. 
  • A Virtual Id Greeting time – Even though you cannot meet all your friends and loved ones this year for id due to the Covid situation, but nothing is stopping you from spending time with them online. One of the best aspects of technology is how closely it has brought the world. So put on your best outfits, and have fun talking to your friends and family via facetime or Meet or Zoom, your options are unlimited. After all, it’s the people that matter, not the situation. 
  • Safety Is Your Top Priority – Take all the precautions you can while celebrating Id. Sanitize any parcel or items you’re bringing into your homes, wash your hands regularly, use sanitizer and wear your mask at all times when outside. Nothing is more important than your safety and the safety of your loved ones. 
  • Help The Ones In Need – “Zakat” is practiced wholeheartedly by all Muslims and this time you do have people who are in dire need of your help. So, go ahead and donate whatever you can to the poor and help them enjoy their festivals as well.   

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