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Importance Of Ramadan In Dubai – Home Health Care Dubai

As the holy month of Ramadan begins, millions around the world have started to observe fasting. In Dubai, this is no different, and people all across the country are geared up to spend time fasting, praying, and getting together. 

One of the distinct features of Ramadan is the way diets are altered. Those celebrating the occasion eat only during Suhoor, which is before dawn and Iftar, which is at the sunset. Both meals are an integral part of fasting. Expert home call doctor in Dubai advise that it is essential to maintain a healthy diet during dubai ramadan start time to keep the energy levels high. Also, a balanced diet including enough amount of fresh fruits, dairy products, cereals, meat and vegetables are a must to avoid negative health conditions. 

Nutritious Options for Your Suhoor Meal

If you are someone who follows regular health check-ups in Dubai or gets home visits from a family doctor, he or she will certainly advise you to consume only healthy food items during this time. During Suhoor, your food should achieve the dual objective of keeping the sugar levels steady and preventing hunger for the most part of the day. 

Some of the things you can eat are oats, wheat bread, rice which are rich in carbohydrates and can keep you hunger-free the whole day. You can also include foods high in fibre content such as dates, figs and apricots, which are quite popular during Ramadan. Also, add potatoes and vegetables to the mix to make it more interesting and healthy. 

High protein foods like eggs, meat and cheese are good picks, whereas salmon fish, walnuts and olives can protect you from fatigue. 

Delicious Choices for Your Iftar Meal

While Iftar is meant to be a gastronomical feast, it is better to follow the advice of expert to prevent doctor treatment at home and should also follow uae ramadan iftar timings.. Indulging in wrong food habits can have negative consequences. Therefore, some of the best food to include at Iftar are dates, appetizers rich in vegetables and carbohydrates like rice, bread, pasta etc. Soups are known to be very nutritious food for your body. Adding vegetables, fresh herbs, nuts can make it rich, flavorful and healthy. 

Discover the Health Benefits of Fasting During Ramadan

The month-long fasting can be beneficial to health in myriad ways. As per various experts and different studies conducted, fasting can significantly boost brain function as it makes the body produce more brain cells. Also, a drastic reduction in the cortisol hormone reduces stress in individuals. Moreover, fasting has other major advantages such as controlling cholesterol and improving cardiovascular health. 

Those looking to reduce excess weight has a great chance to achieve the objective during Ramadan. Fasting burns away fat deposits and the harmful toxins present in it. It helps in stopping bad eating habits and helps in creating new healthy food habits. Thus, Ramadan can be an opportune time for both spiritual as well as physical cleansing of all things bad. 

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