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International Women's Day 8th March - First Response

International Women’s Day is cheerfully and extravagantly celebrated all over the world venerating the remarkable contributions and achievements of women who have shined in their respective domains. It is not necessary that these women have to be the CEOs or owners of multinational companies; they can be ordinary women making little or big contributions in their own way to the society.


This day holds tremendous significance in today’s times making it counted among the other special days celebrated with great fervor across the globe. It is a time to express your love, respect, care, and appreciation towards charming women in your lives and society.


Women have left their mark on every industry and career path. There are many professions dominated by women like social service workers, teaching, veterans, and many more. Even in the business world, women are gaining a lot of importance and popularity owing to their hard work and persistent efforts. There is a drastic increase in the numbers of female entrepreneurs observed in the last several years.


Women empowerment has acquired great attention across the globe today. Making this world a place without any gender parities is every social organization’s motive. A society where women are taken for granted and given equal respect is every nation’s dream. With education spreading its wings in every nook and cranny of the country, the realization of this dream can be seen as fulfilled. The society is changing with the voicing of social enigmas like human trafficking, child labor, early marriage, domestic violence, etc. by female social workers who have stood up for their fellow women folks. Today, women have acquainted themselves to their abilities and strengths, and are ready to venture out to make their contributions to their homes as well as the society. The spectacular work that they are doing is making their rivals bow down on their knees. Though, all this was seen as impossible to us, but as some genius remarkably said that time can change anything.


A woman is a life-giver, an epitome of motherly love, and a true survivor, who never leaves any chance of surrendering to the roles she plays in other people’s lives.


Every now and then, cases of atrocities inflicted on women gets flashed in the news shaking our very souls deep within. This International Women’s Day, let’s promise to make this world a better place for womankind where they can freely breathe the air of freedom.


Therefore, this International Women’s Day, express your profound gratitude and appreciation to all the fabulous women in your lives while keeping them motivated to achieve something worthy in their lives. Also, let us all promise to remove the blindfold from our eyes and raise our voices against the monstrosities inflicted on women.