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Physiotherapy on Call During Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought to the fore many unprecedented challenges for common people, industries and world economies. It has deeply affected the healthcare sector as well. The surge of cases has proved to be a daunting task for medical facilities as well as professionals dealing with it. 

Patients who are suspected or confirmed with Covid-19 are in dire need of the best treatment possible and physiotherapists do have a role to play in it. They are the first contact practitioners who are capable of early detection of the disease and sharing the workload. Physiotherapy sessions are taken by coming directly in contact with the patients. Thus, a unique set of challenges have emerged for physiotherapy during this period. 

The increasing Covid-19 cases have been a concern everywhere and it is the same in Dubai. Similarly, the best physiotherapist in Dubai, as well as patients, are facing different challenges due to the pandemic. Amidst the uncertainty, physiotherapy at home has emerged as a better and vastly helpful alternative to hospital as it can help patients. Let’s see how.

How Physiotherapy on Call helps during the pandemic?

1.Covid-19 has affected patients differently. While some are asymptomatic others need special care for a prolonged period of time. Some of the patients require induced comas and spend months on ventilator. This greatly affects body movements, skeletal and muscular strength and causes trouble in simple things like walking. This is where physiotherapy can help the patients to recover fast. 

Besides, it is important to note that Covid-19 is known to damage lungs in myriad ways. Those suffering from severe lung condition may need help to remove secretions and revitalize their collapsed areas in the lungs. Physiotherapy can help in dealing with such cases. 

2.As social distancing and masks are key to prevent oneself from Covid-19, families prefer physiotherapy on call. Such services enable physiotherapists to visit homes and provide help in the comfort of the home. Also, it helps in faster recovery by giving personalized attention to the patient. If the Covid-19 patient is old and came out negative recently, it is better to call services that provide home physiotherapy in Dubai. It will help in the complete recovery of the patient without the hassles of visiting the hospital again and again. 

3.This helps family members and other dear and near ones to stay away from often crowded hospitals. Instead, professionals with high etiquette and expertise will take care of the patient in the highly protected environment inside the home. It reduces the chance of infection risk for others too. The concerned people can constantly monitor the work of the physiotherapist, recovery and health of the patient in close quarters.

4.Physiotherapy at home allows to be better prepared and follow necessary standards while treatment for both caregiver and the patient. Also, necessary precautions and measures are taken to assure the positive health of the physiotherapist before visiting homes. They are well learned about Covid-19 related guidance, WHO guidelines and resources. 

5.Access to physiotherapy for the patient means that he or she can receive a high-quality session at a lower cost as no travelling costs occur. Also, you can save large amount of time. 

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