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What is the effectiveness of video consultations in primary and specialist care during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Online doctor service in healthcare presents an easy way to get a doctor at home. Home visit doctor services have been found to be effective, safe, and provide high satisfaction in patients and healthcare providers. Since the time of the Covid-19 pandemic, this online doctor’s service has been very helpful for everyone.

In Covid-19 Pandemic, a patient cannot go to the hospital for treatment, where the treatment of the doctor at home is very convenient. Today’s find doctors online is very safe, convenient. Only click to book your appointment and get doctor treatment within minutes without moving anywhere.

Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, online doctors were on the rise, with many healthcare systems advocating for doctors on call at home. At the start of the pandemic in Dubai, many GPs and specialists turned to online doctor services to reduce patient flow through healthcare facilities and limit infectious exposures. There is immense scope for online doctors in Dubai and it includes management of diabetes, hypertension, asthma, stroke, psychiatric illnesses, cancers, and chronic pain. Finding a doctor online can also be used for triage and management of a wide range of acute conditions, including, for example, emergency eye care triage. Doctor on call service in Dubai may be suitable for the treatment at home for some health conditions., but for many patients, not having to take time off work and avoiding potential exposure to Covid-19 infection will be considered “good enough.”

First Response Healthcare is a Dubai based & JCI Accredited Home Healthcare Organization ( that provides doctors and nurses service at your home for your convenience. You can find First Response Healthcare doctors through online, and we are just a call away from you. Search your required doctor and give us a call or message to 0505050387. We will reach you within 30-45 minutes of your inquiry. Based on an assessment by the doctor, an Online doctor service may be upgraded to a One-click can give you the convenience of a doctor at home for detailed clinical examination and on-site treatment. We also provide Covid tests in Dubai with advanced safety measures. Learn more by visiting the website of First Response Healthcare.