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What to do when your child gets sick on a weekend?

During weekends children play around and stay busy with their fun-filled activities and plan on playing until they get tired. But, your child gets sick, it becomes a concern for the parents as they are worried about their child’s health and have to review options of seeking help from a healthcare provider.

Weekend is the time when most clinics are closed and you would prefer to not leave the comfort of your home, and if your child gets sick during that time, your best resort would be to call First Response's at home doctor service. This is the best way to go about this situation if you don’t want your kid to suffer from a niggling health issue which might flare up if not medically attended to as soon as possible. To arrange a First Response Doctor on Demand to you – Call us at 0 50 50 50 387 or Click Here to Book Online. Our home visit doctor will be traveling to you on demand to provide an urgent highly personalized private consultation and immediate quality medical care treatment.

First Response Doctor-on-Call team is comprised of highly trained, qualified and licensed Pediatrician in Dubai, which can diagnose and treat any medical problems, conditions, and/or injuries. Our home visit doctor provides for your child consultation, diagnosis and treatment in coordination with Referral to a Specialist as required. If you are calling First Response Doctor On Call services for the first time, you will be pleased by the rapid response time from our team of door and nurse to arrive at your doorstep and provide medical attention to your child. No prior appointment needed and we reach you in 30* minutes anywhere in Dubai. Treatment and follow-ups are done with personalized attention and our Home Doctors treat you and your loved ones, like family. Our team’s compassionate and caring approach ensures a stress-free healthcare services delivery to you in the comfort of your own home.

It is a good choice to call a doctor and have them visit your home. On the other hand on visiting a clinic, your child will not have to face the outside environment and then may have to wait with other patients. Also, the home visit doctor can perform all necessary tests and provide immediate rapid treatment which also avoids your visit to a pharmacy.

If your child has a health problem that needs immediate medical attention, your best bet during weekends and after hours will be calling the Doctor On Call services of First Response Healthcare. Upon your call, a doctor will be dispatched to your location at the earliest. After reaching your home, the First Response Healthcare Doctor would attend to your kid’s health condition thoroughly, and may administer medication depending on your kid’s condition at that moment. The visiting doctor would also takes into consideration any current medication that your child might be taking at the moment for a prior medical condition before giving any treatment. If your child’s health condition requires our Nursing staff to monitor condition for a while, he or she would stay with your child and do the same till your child’s condition has reverted back to normal.

Once the visiting Doctor has properly attended to your child’s health condition, he or she would provide you the details of the treatment done with a detailed medical report within 24 hours for updating your child’s health records.

As far as the charges for these services are concerned, they are nothing compared to the immediate medical attention you will get for your child’s ailments. Above all, a quick quality treatment of your child is important, which is why parents should give the First Response Doctor a call.

All in all, after availing a First Response Healthcare’s Doctor On Call or home doctor service once, you will have more reasons to call our service again whenever you require immediate personalized medical consultation for your child’s health.