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Why Should You Consider Professional Post Operative Nursing Care?

A surgery or operation might help improve a disease, will help in decreasing the pain and will help improve your health and condition. However, a surgery is not the end of the journey. Getting to leave the hospital post a surgery is a relief but it can also be accompanied by feelings of apprehension, fear and anxiety. There can be concerns about pain management, issues with mobility, wound care and medication management. 

Nursing care after surgery is a crucial part of the treatment, recovery and healing process. Through post operative nursing care, the rehabilitation can be improved and your recuperation can be faster and better. Nursing care for post operative patients ensures that they have the right guidance, help and support required following a surgery. Through post operative nursing care, professional nurses can assist you with mobility issues, medication management and administration, wound dressing, among a range of other things.

Post operative nursing care basically refers to the care and support that you need as you transition from the hospital to your own home. Nursing care after surgery is important to ensure that your wounds receive the required attention and care during the different phases of healing to prevent infections and ensure quick healing. Post operative nursing care can reduce the chances of re-hospitalization and can lead you to the road of recovery in a shorter time. Postoperative nursing care can be tailored to meet your individual needs in a way that can support not just the patient but also the family members.


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What Does A Post Operative Nurse Do? 

The role of a nurse after a surgery is to provide the medical guidance and assistance required to heal effectively. Here are some of the things that a post operative nurse can take care of: 

  • Wound Management – Professional nurses are trained to see signs of a potential infection that common people may not be able to see. A nurse will be able to ensure that your surgical wound heals properly and that an infection is avoided. A nurse will keep your wounds dry and clean by changing your wound dressings regularly. 
  • Checking on drains and IVs – After surgery, the patient’s fluid intake needs to be monitored. A nurse will take care of the IVs, feeding tubes, catheters, and other instruments that the patient might be depending on. The nurses will not just ensure that these instruments are properly functioning but will also ensure that they are clean and that they are not causing discomfort to the patient. 
  • Monitoring Vital Signs – Vital signs include body temperature, pulse rate, oxygen saturation, and respiration rate, along with blood pressure and blood oxygen. All of these need to be consistently monitored post surgery. The nurse will keep a tab on all of these. Along with this, the nurse will also keep a tab on your overall health and the level of pain. A nurse will also help manage any complications that you might have. For example, if you are dealing with any respiratory issues, the nurse might suggest some respiratory exercises. Nurses also play the most crucial role during emergencies. 
  • Medication Management & Administration– Post surgery, you may be prescribed a range of medicines and antibiotics. You may also have to take medication for pain management and nausea. If you were already on medication prior to surgery, all of these medicines combined can seem like a lot and can overwhelm you. A nurse can help with medication management and in medication administration if it needs to be done through injections. 
  • Education Of Family Members – A nurse can educate the family members and can guide them on how to safely undertake certain tasks for the patient carefully. The nurse can also guide them on what the signs of negative progression are that the family should look out for to prevent an infection or complication. Once the family understands all the necessary precautions, they can take care of the patient well without the help and assistance of the nurse. 
  • Assisted Hospital Visits – Nursing professionals of some healthcare agencies may also provide help with accompanying the patient to the hospital or to the doctor for the health checkups and follow-up visits. The nurse can discuss your progress with the doctor, can take down notes and also understand the changes that may be required in your diet. 
  • Assistance with activity of daily living – Some nursing professionals may  assist with activities of daily living such as bathing, toileting and dressing the patients. They can help maintain hygiene when the patient may not be able to do the same himself or herself. 

What Are The Benefits Of Home Nursing Care After Surgery?  

Post operative nursing care has a range of benefits. It not just helps maintain the health of the patient physically but can also significantly reduce the stress of patients and their loved ones. Here are some of the benefits: 

  • Reduces the risk of hospitalization and also helps save costs 
  • Provides medical support and assistance to patients post surgery
  • Reduces anxiety and stress
  • Reduces residual pain 
  • Reduces the risk of  sub-optimal surgical outcomes
  • Patient tends to feel and sleep better 
  • Possible for the patient to easily comply with post-operative orders
  • Reduces the possibility of postoperative complications 
  • Increases patient’s overall satisfaction post-surgery
  • Personalized & Customized Care Plans – A post operative care program allows the patient and their family to develop a plan that takes care of all aspects of the patient’s recovery. The nurse is equipped with all the required knowledge about your surgery and medical needs post surgery. He/She can thus provide holistic care that covers medication, exercise, mobility, and wound care. Through the nurse, you can receive care for a wide range of issues and struggles that you might experience post surgery. A nurse will eventually help you with how to take care of yourself and on how to develop habits that will keep you healthy post surgery. 
  • Comfort of being in Your Own Home, Surrounded by Loved Ones – Hiring a nursing professional at home allows you to heal and recover in your own home, where you feel most comfortable and where you are surrounded by loved ones. Having a home nurse also allows you to develop a more trusted connection with them that can aid in your process of recovery. Being at home post surgery and recovering in your own house also makes it possible for your family members and loved ones to oversee the nursing care provided to you. At home nursing care for post operative patient can also have a positive impact on their emotional and mental health. 

Hiring services of nursing care after surgery ensure holistic healing and recovery. The patient and the family members can remain stress free when you have a professional and trained nurse taking care of the medical needs of the patient.

Post Operative Nursing Care At Home in Dubai | First Response Healthcare 

First Response Healthcare (FRH) is a leading home healthcare company in Dubai that provides a range of medical services, including post operative nursing care, right at your doorstep. FRH services are of high quality, patient centered, prompt and reliable. FRH has received the Gold Seal of Approval for meeting the Joint Commission International Standards for Home Healthcare. FRH offer its services 24*7, 365 days a year even on weekends and public holidays. FRH’s services are available throughout the Emirate of Dubai and we can come visit you at your home, hotel or office. FRH has a team of highly competent & DHA licensed doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and medical experts who are trained to provide kind and compassionate medical attention. 

Nursing care for post operative patients is provided by a team of highly trained, qualified and licensed home nurses who use international best practices and tools. Through our home nursing services, you can get a qualified nurse to care for the patient post surgery. Our post operative nursing care ensures that the patient gets customized and specialized home care as per your needs and requirements. 

Why You Should Choose FRH For Nursing Care After Surgery: 

  • DHA licensed nurses who are trained and experienced in post operative care 
  • 24-hour high quality Nursing Care
  • 0nce a month doctor visit
  • Doctor consultation as necessary
  • Physiotherapy services as necessary
  • Laboratory blood works at home
  •  Nutritionist service at home 


To hire services of a professional nurse for post operative nursing care, you can contact First Response Healthcare by calling on 0505050387 or 800DIALDOC. You can also book an appointment online by visiting
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