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10 Things To Keep In Mind Before Finding Reliable Home Care Services In Dubai

Home Care Services cover medical and non medical assistance and help required for elderly patients, for differently abled individuals and for patients who need post operative care. Home care service providers have a team of professionals who provide diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation care right in the comfort of your home. These include experienced doctors, registered nurses, qualified physiotherapists, among others. There are also non medical care service providers who assist patients with personal care activities and companionship.

Using home care services can prove to be more cost effective, it can lead to a better quality of life and can accelerate recovery since the patient is in the comfort of their own home surrounded by loved ones and family. Home care services ensure that patients feel secure and comfortable and they provide the option of receiving expert, empathetic and customized care without the hassle of having to stay in a hospital or nursing home for a long time.

Choosing reliable home care services in Dubai can be hard and confusing given that you have multiple options to choose from. However, here are 10 things to keep in mind before you finalize on a home care service provider in Dubai for your loved one:


1. Understand Your Needs

Before getting started with looking at the different options for healthcare providers in Dubai, it is important to sit down and list the needs and requirements of the patient. You need to figure out what type of services they need, for example do they need help with personal hygiene and house maintenance or do they need medical services like regular doctor’s visit, physical therapy or even assistance with tasks like medication management, etc. Once you decide the list of services required, it is also helpful to think about how often you will require these services.

2. Find Out Staff Credentials

Knowing about the staff credentials of the home care service providers is an important exercise before you decide on a home care provider. Making a wrong choice when it comes to choosing caregivers can lead to physical and psychological issues for the patient. To avoid this from happening, make sure you are working with a home care service provider that only hires professionals. You can also ask the agency if they verify their staff’s qualification and background and if they provide any in-house training for their employees. You can also ask and find out about the certifications and licenses of the team members who will be taking care of your family member. If required, you can also bring up questions about if they have training in first aid responses such as heart attacks or seizures or if they have specialized training in medication administration or any other questions that might be relevant to the care that your loved one will receive.

3. Know Their Reputation & History

Choosing a homecare service provider that has been around for many years always comes with its set of benefits. Credible and well established home care providers tend to have higher rates of staff retention. Moreover, they are also most likely to have trained and experienced medical professionals and caregivers who have been serving in the industry for many years. Choosing a home care provider that has been around for a long time and has a client base that can vouch for their credibility and reputation can prove to be advantageous for the patient.

4. Find Out About Their Accreditation

When researching a home health care provider, you should find out about the accreditation they have received as an organization for the quality of their services. Some other questions to consider are if they assign a supervisor to ensure they provide quality care to their clients, if they have strict systems and mechanisms in place to check the quality of the services offered, or if they regularly update their practices and systems to ensure up to date services for patients.

5. Previous Patient Testimonials & Reviews

Having recommendations from a friend, family or acquaintance about a home care provider in Dubai can prove to be useful since they can offer a first person account of their experience with the agency. Over and above this, going through patient testimonials and reviews can also give you insights on the quality of services provided.

6. Know All About The Cost Breakdown

While cost might not be the only prime factor when choosing a home care service provider, it is a crucial and essential one. Home care services of nursing can sometimes last for years and it is important to find a home care service provider that seems affordable and cost effective for you in the long run. The home care service provider should also be able to give you enough details about what cost aspects could and could be covered through insurance. If there are too many out of pocket expenses or if the service provider does accept your insurance, it is advisable to move to the next available option of a home care provider.

7. Understand Their Availability

Before finalizing on a home care provider, check to see if their services are available 24*7. A Lot of things can happen any time during the day or night when your family member might need immediate assistance from healthcare professionals. You should choose a service provider that offers the service of an on-call expert at all times even on weekends and public holidays. Over and above this, you should find out about their average call back or response time to know how soon they can reach you in case of a health emergency. 

8. Know All About Their Personalized Care Plans

Whichever home healthcare provider you choose, they should be able to tweak their services and plans based on your needs and requirements. Personalized plans make sure that you are getting the right care at the right time and that you are not unnecessarily paying for services that are not useful for you. 

9. Find Out If They Provide Smooth Hospital Transitions

If your loved one is moving out of the hospital, it is important that they get the right care in the initial face to ensure that their recovery is easy and fast. In such a scenario, it is advisable to choose a home healthcare provider that will help make this transition from the hospital to home as easy as possible. You need to make sure that they can offer help with managing medications, have the supplies and equipment that the patient might need and can help with activities such as bathing and getting dressed. 

10. Involve The Patient Who’ll Be Benefitting From The Care

While this may seem like an obvious thing that need not be stated here, more often than not family members leave the patient out of such conversations despite having the best intentions. Engage with your loved one about their needs and expectations. Ask them what it is that they are looking for and prioritising when it comes to availing services of a home healthcare provider. Making decisions on your own, without fully involving them might not be very fruitful or useful.

Best Home Health Care Service in Dubai | First Response Healthcare

First Response Healthcare (FRH) is a JCI accredited home healthcare company in Dubai that provides prompt and reliable medical care to patients through services that are high quality, patient centric and that cover comprehensive care of a patient right in the comfort of their homes. FRH has received a gold seal of approval from the Joint Commission International Standards for Home Healthcare for meeting international quality standards for its services.

FRH provides a range of services including home nursing, doctor on call, physiotherapy on call, COVID-19 testing, full body tests, among several others. FRH has a team of DHA licensed doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and medical experts who are highly competent and experienced and who provide their services 24*7, 365 days a year. FRH provides their services anywhere within the Emirate of Dubai, may it be your home, office or hotel. The staff at FRH has been trained to provide kind and compassionate medical attention to all people right from tourists to senior citizens and kids.

Features That Make FRH Different: 

  • We can reach you anytime 24/7 365 days a year, even on weekends and public holidays. 
  • We arrive the fastest, within 30* minutes after you call us. 
  • Our services cover the entire Emirate of Dubai 
  • Our team can visit you at your home, hotel or office. 
  • To make an appointment, all you need to do is: Call on 0505050 387 or 800DIALDOC

Following are the home care services offered by FRH in Dubai: 

Doctor At Home In Dubai

Through our Doctor On Call Service, a doctor from our team can visit you anywhere in Dubai within 30 minutes after you book an appointment. Our doctor on call service is fast, reliable and professional and we can visit you at your home, hotel or office. Our doctors are internationally trained and they work in shifts to provide 24/7 services. They offer diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of conditions right from fever, cold, migraines and allergic reactions to respiratory conditions, chronic diseases, gastrointestinal illnesses, skin problems among several others. Our team of doctors genuinely care about your wellbeing and they are always courteous and respectful when invited into your home.

Physiotherapy At Home In Dubai

FRH also provides the service of home physiotherapy in Dubai. Through our ‘Physiotherapy on Call’; Service, we provide in-home physiotherapy that is convenient for you and doesn’t require you to go to a hospital or physiotherapy centre. The Physio Team comprises highly trained, qualified and licensed physiotherapists who are equipped and experienced to provide physiotherapy at home with the required portable equipment. Through FRH, you can schedule an appointment with a physiotherapist at any time and place convenient to you. The physiotherapist will then work with you to design a customized plan that will aid you in your mobility, strength enhancement and independent functioning. 

Home Nursing In Dubai

FRH has a  team of qualified and licensed home nurses who are trained in international best practices and tools. Through FRH’s home nursing services you can get a qualified nurse to take care of the healthcare needs of your loved one or family. Our team of nurses make sure to provide services based on your clinical requirement. 

Our range of specialized Home Nursing Services include: 

  • Post-Operative Care
  • Palliative care
  • Geriatric (Elderly) Care
  • Maternity & New-born care 
  • Child Care & Babysitting

Full Body Checkup & Wellness Plans At Home In Dubai

FRH also provides full body check up plans to help you assess your current state of health, evaluate future risks and to help you prepare an individualized, customized lifestyle plan. Through our health checkup plans and consultation with our team of doctors, you can plan and execute lifestyle changes to lead a healthier and fitter life.  

Our Full Body Health Checkup Wellness Exam covers advanced profiling, along with screening for lifestyle related diseases like heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, along with a health assessment of all major body organ systems. Our services offered under the package are affordable and fast and are always available at a time and place that you need them. 

Medical Devices At Home

We provide high quality medical equipment supplies, wheelchairs, standing frame, Physio-Rehab products for purchase at affordable prices in Dubai. We also have options for a range of Medical Equipment rental items that you might need for short term usage. Over and above this, we also work to bring the right selection of Medical Rehabilitation Equipment including Postural Support and Seating system solutions.

We also pioneer and make available the most advanced solutions in: 

  • Patient Remote Home Monitoring Systems.
  • Medical Equipment for Purchase or Rental Available
  • Medical Alert Systems with Real time Response

To avail any of the above stated home care services in Dubai, you can call on 0505050387 or 800DIALDOC. You can also reach out to us by visiting

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