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Full Body Health Check up Wellness Exam at Home

What are Full Body Health Check Up and Wellness Exam?

A complete full body health check up is a type of scanning of the entire body, including kidney, heart, liver, to assess the health condition earlier. Medical experts always advise to get a complete check up regularly to maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you want your body to always be fit so you can enjoy your life, then these check-ups will help you in achieving that.

A wellness exam is just like a wellness screening that can help you to become more aware about your health indicators such as blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose, and weight. An annual visit is a yearly appointment with your health provider who can help you in developing a personalized prevention plan. This type of plan may help you to prevent your illness, or any health issues based on your current health and risk factors.

Wellness visits are basically provided by your doctor with a status-updating of your overall health. The purpose of a wellness exam is to help you to live a longer, healthier, and stress-free life. This can help you in ensuring that you are still in good health and may further help you in detecting any health problem before it progresses further.

First Response Healthcare offers all residents of Dubai a full body health check up at home and wellness exam at your convenient time and place.

A regular health check up is important to ensure good health and wellness. Many people think that if they are healthy, they can skip the annual wellness visit, but this is not good for their health.

If your health is important to you,  full body check-up and wellness exams should be too.

Wellness check-ups are essential to maintain good health and provide with a status update on your overall health. This can help you to make choices that give you a better health, and they can detect any probable health problems at an early stage.

Regular Health Check ups Benefits 

  • Find the risk factors at an early stage
  • Monitor existing health problems
  • Prevent any probable serious medical condition at an early stage
  • Keep yourself in regular monitoring
  • Become more aware of yourself and your health
  • More chances of treatment and cure at the right time


Regular Health Check ups

Full Body Health Check up Includes 

Full Body Health Check up Wellness Exam is an advanced profile combining Health Risk Screening for Lifestyle related diseases like Heart Disease, Hypertension and Diabetes along with a health status assessment of all major body organ systems.

Get ahead of living a healthy and balanced life by knowing the current state of your Health. By this checkup you can know about your current health, but you can also use it to check improvements in your health over time.

The test details are as follows;

Sample Requirement: Blood/Serum
Turn Around Time: 1-2 days
Note- You should be fasting 8-10 hours before the test. Our medical team may ask you about your current stress, physical activity, diet, or drug use such as tobacco and alcohol. Some of the exams are a discussion about ways to improve overall health through lifestyle and healthy decision-making. Be frank in your answers — complete information helps you and our team to work together for the best result.

Full Body Check-up Packages 

First Response Healthcare provides full body check-up package across Dubai with the help of its trained and licensed team of professionals accredited by the Joint Commission International with its gold seal of approval. In our full body check up package, the services offered are affordable, quick and professional and are always available at a time and location of your preference. This package offers several features including –

  • Blood and urine lab test @ home
  • 24/7 365 days sample collection service from home
  • Full body health check-up by experienced Doctors and Nurses
  • Individualized care by our team
  • Personalized care by our team
  • Dubai Health Authority (DHA) certified team
  • Our team reaches the entire Emirate of Dubai anytime, anywhere

Full Body Checkup Test List

There are several tests required in full body checkup test list –

  • To check your vitals – Pulse Rate, Respiratory Rate, Temperature and Blood Pressure
  • To check your Body Mass Index (BMI) from your height and weight
  • To examine the personal and family medical history
  • Discussion of your current lifestyle and health-related choices
  • Laboratory tests include Liver Profile, Lipid Profile, Renal Profile, Urine Analysis, Fasting Sugar, HbA1c, Complete Blood Count, Thyroid Profile etc.
  • Do Assessment for Metabolic Syndrome Screening Report
  • Do Assessment for Framingham Heart Disease Risk Report
  • Starting a plan for your health – Once your reports are ready, one of our panel of doctors who all specialize in wellness consultation will review your test results and explain it to you so that you can understand your unique health situation and create a healthy plan to improve your health.
  • Final Medical Report of a full body checkup test list will also include wellness advice and feedback on lifestyle modification by our expert physicians.

Full Body Test Checkup Near Me

Are you looking up your search engine for a “full body test checkup near me”? First Response Healthcare is always near you. If you want a full body test check-up, all you need to do is book your appointment by giving a Call/WhatsApp to 0505050387 or Dial 800DIALDOC or visit our website! Our team is always ready to provide you with world-class facilities at the convenience of your home, hotel or office. Book your appointment and leave the rest to us. Your first step to healthcare is just a call away.

Schedule Your Wellness Exam Today!

First Response Healthcare provides home sample collection service to test for health checkup Dubai and wellness exam.

Our team of well-trained doctors and nurses are ready to give you their services 24/7 365 days anywhere anytime. Schedule your booking today in a quick and easy way

Contact Information: Call us to make an Appointment at 0 505050 387
Time for appointments: Anytime 24/7 365 days a year as per your convenience
Areas our service covers: Entire Emirate of Dubai
Where Our Team Can Visit You IN Dubai: Home, Hotel or Office

You’ll be glad to know that our home sample collection service is available on weekends and public holidays.

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