Hello and Welcome to First Response Healthcare!
Hello and Welcome to First Response Healthcare!
December 10, 2019
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First Response Healthcare LLC receives Joint Commission International’s Gold Seal of Approval® for Home Care Accreditation by demonstrating continuous compliance with its internationally-recognized standards. The Gold Seal of Approval® is a symbol of quality that reflects an organization’s commitment to providing safe and effective patient care.

First Response Healthcare underwent a rigorous on-site survey from October 28 to October 31. During the survey, a team of Joint Commission International expert surveyors evaluated compliance with home care standards related to a variety of areas, including the International Patient Safety Goals, patient assessment and care, patient rights and responsibilities, medication management, patient and family education, quality improvement, infection prevention and control, governance and leadership, management of the environment, staff qualifications and education, and communication and information management.

“The citizens of United Arab Emirates should be proud that your organization is focusing on this most challenging goal – to continuously raise quality to higher levels,” said Paula Wilson, President and Chief Operating Officer, Joint Commission International said.

“We commend First Response Healthcare LLC for its efforts to become a quality improvement organization, and achieving this pinnacle demonstrating a commitment to patient safety and quality,”

–  added Paul Chang, MD, MBA, MPH, CPHQ, FACHE, Vice President, Accreditation, Standards, and Measurement, Joint Commission International.

“First Response Healthcare LLC is pleased to receive accreditation from Joint Commission International, the premier health care quality improvement and accrediting body in the world. We look forward to nearing our vision of providing the best quality of home healthcare services across UAE”, said Pavan Sharma, Chief Executive Officer, First Response Healthcare LLC. “Staff from across the organization continue to work together to develop and implement approaches and strategies that have the potential to improve care for the patients in our community,” added Dr. Amrish Kamboj, COO & Director of Clinical Services, First Response Healthcare LLC.

Joint Commission International’s home care standards are developed in consultation with worldwide health care experts and providers, measurement experts, and patients. The standards are informed by scientific literature and expert consensus to help organizations measure, assess and improve performance.